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    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    January 4, 2002

                  IMLS Calls for National Leadership Grant Applications

    >Washington, DC - In 2001, the federal Institute of Museum and Library
    >Services awarded over $14.5 million in National Leadership Grants to
    >museums, libraries, professional museum and library service organizations,
    >and museum-library partnerships. IMLS encourages all eligible museums and
    >libraries to apply for 2002 National Leadership Grant funds. Applicants
    >may request up to $500,000. Guidelines, successful proposals, and
    >application forms are available on the IMLS Web site at:
    >http://www.imls.gov or by mail. You can contact IMLS at 1100 Pennsylvania
    >Ave., NW, Washington, DC. 202-606-8536, email: info@imls.gov.
    >The National Leadership Grant program is IMLS' most innovative competitive
    >grant program. Applicants should develop proposals that encourage
    >creativity in providing public service, meet community needs, and use
    >technology innovatively. Projects that can be replicated nationally,
    >provide broader public access to collections, and that extend the impact
    >of federal funds through collaborations are also encouraged.
    >Important! Specific priorities for 2002 proposals have been established
    >for each of the grant categories summarized below. Among the new
    >priorities are:
    >* Education of lifelong learners in the 21st century
    >* Training in outcome-based evaluation
    >* Digital collaborations to bring together related collections
    >* Enhancing interoperability of library and museum collections
    >Please contact the program officer (contact info follows each summary) for
    >each category's priorities.
    >National Leadership Grants for Libraries
    >EDUCATION AND TRAINING. This grant program supports training and education
    >in library and information science, including traineeships, institutes,
    >graduate fellowships and other programs. Education and training proposals
    >should address recruitment and retention issues as well as intended
    >learning outcomes. Jeanne McConnell, jmcconnell@imls.gov. Applications due
    >February 1.
    >RESEARCH AND DEMONSTRATION. This grant program encourages strong proposals
    >for research in library science and for demonstration projects to test
    >potential solutions to problems in real-world situations. Preservation or
    >Digitization of Library Materials helps to preserve and/or digitize
    >library resources. Applicants for preservation projects should describe
    >the significance of the materials proposed for preservation or
    >digitization (or both) and, if applicable, any innovative approaches.
    >Refer to program guidelines for additional requirements for digitization
    >projects. Martha Crawley, mcrawley@imls.gov. Applications due February 1.
    >PRESERVATION OR DIGITIZATION. Preservation or Digitization of Library
    >Materials grants helps preserve and/or digitize library resources.
    >Applicants for preservation projects should describe the significance of
    >the materials proposed for preservation or digitization (or both) and, if
    >applicable, any innovative approaches. Refer to program guidelines for
    >additional requirements for digitization projects. Martha Crawley,
    >mcrawley@imls.gov. Applications due February 1.
    >National Leadership Grants for Museums:
    >MUSEUMS ONLINE. This grant program is designed specifically to encourage
    >innovative uses of technology by museums. Applicants are encouraged to
    >develop projects of national significance, which demonstrate how digital
    >technologies can be used to increase knowledge and extend valuable
    >services and opportunities to all Americans. Christine Henry,
    >chenry@imls.gov Applications due March 1.
    >MUSEUMS IN THE COMMUNITY. This grant program supports museum-community
    >partnerships that improve the quality of community life. Priority will be
    >given to applicants that will develop long-term partnerships and address
    >documented community needs. Christine Henry, chenry@imls.gov. Applications
    >due March 1.
    >PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES. These grants support programs that address core
    >museum practices such as strategic planning, professional training, and
    >leadership development. Priority will be given to projects that
    >investigate museum issues, address technology trends in museum operations,
    >and develop model programs of partnership between museum associations and
    >museums. Christine Henry, chenry@imls.gov. Applications due March 1.
    >National Leadership Grants for Library-Museum Collaboration:
    >LIBRARY-MUSEUM COLLABORATIONS. These grants support innovative projects
    >that demonstrate how museums and libraries can work together to expand
    >their services to the public. Emphasis should be given to serving the
    >community, using technology, and/or enhancing education. Either the museum
    >or the library may be the lead applicant. jmcconnell@imls.gov.
    >Applications are due April 1.
    >About the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) - IMLS is an
    >independent Federal agency that fosters leadership, innovation, and a
    >lifetime of learning by supporting the nation's museums and libraries.
    >Created by the Museum and Library Services Act of 1996, P.L. 104-208, IMLS
    >administers the Library Services and Technology Act and the Museum
    >Services Act. IMLS has an annual budget of approximately $230 million. The
    >Institute receives policy advice from two Presidentially appointed, Senate
    >confirmed entities: the National Commission for Libraries and Information
    >Science and the National Museum Services Board. For more information,
    >including grant applications, contact IMLS at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave., NW,
    >Washington, D.C. 202-606-8536, or http://www.imls.gov.


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