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             From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
             Subject: December eSpectra and RLG DigiNews available

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    December 17, 2001

                   December 2001 issue of RLG DigiNews now available

                       December 2001 Issue of eSpectra Available
                -the online news portal of the Museum Computer Network

                                        * * *

                   December 2001 issue of RLG DigiNews now available

    >Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 06:55:56 +0000
    >From: Nancy Elkington <Nancy_Elkington@NOTES.RLG.ORG>
       The December 2001 issue includes:

       Volume 5, Number 6

       Editor's Interview:
          Collaboration of RLG/OCLC With Digital Archiving Initiatives,
            an Interview with Robin Dale and Meg Bellinger
       Feature Article
          Emulation vs. Migration: Do Users Care?, by Margaret Hedstrom
            and Clifford Lampe
       Highlighted Web Site - eXtensible Name Service
       FAQ - Image Search Engines

    [material deleted]

                     December 2001 Issue of eSpectra Available
                 -the online news portal of the Museum Computer Network

    The latest issue of this very useful compendium of news and information
    should not be missed. Below the announcement I include a few representative

    David Green

    >Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 10:52:32 -0500
    >To: mcn-l@mcn.edu
    >From: Leslie Johnston <johnston@gsd.harvard.edu>
    >Subject: December 2001 Issue of eSpectra
    >The December 2001 issue of eSpectra is now available. eSpectra, the online
    >news portal from the Museum Computer Network, is updated monthly and
    >includes time-sensitive information like event/conference announcements
    >and job postings, as well as short features and late-breaking
    >announcements. It is available at: http://www.mcn.edu/espectra/
    >Cultural Heritage Organizations: If your institution already has a page
    >or a site devoted to a technology project that the community might be
    >interested in, submit the URL to me for the community projects page on
    >eSpectra. Please submit material directly to me at
    >Leslie Johnston
    >Head of Instructional Technology and LIS, Harvard Design School
    >Editor, eSpectra, cultural heritage information management portal,
    > and Spectra, MCN's community awareness publication

    * Digging Deep Digitally
    The field of archaeology will receive a big boost from 3D computer modeling
    techniques. Thanks to a $2 million grant from the National Science
    Foundation, researchers at Columbia University are building digital tools
    that will enable archaeologists to examine the details of sites without
    having to dig or damage structures. The new 3D modeling techniques will
    also allow archaeologists to take virtual tours of sites. The digital tools
    include a mobile robot equipped with a laser scanner for taking high-detail
    shots aboveground, and a radar sensor for taking shots deep underground. A
    3D model of sites can be produced once the data is scanned into a computer.
    Initial tests already have been completed, but there are plans to test the
    digital tools at the Amheida site in the Dakhla Oasis, in the western
    desert of Egypt, and to put the computerized data of the site online.
    Read the Information Week article at:

    and the New York Times article (requires site registration) at:
    * Report Released on ABC Metadata Model
    Authors Carl Lagoze and Jane Hunter recently released a paper describing
    the latest version of the ABC metadata model, developed within the Harmony
    international digital library project to provide a common conceptual
    framework with which to ease interoperability among metadata vocabularies
    from different domains.

    * Gemini G.E.L. Online Catalogue Raisonne
    The National Gallery of Art presents the Gemini G.E.L. (Graphic Editions
    Limited) online catalogue raisonne, a listing of prints produced at this
    Los Angeles studio from 1966 through 1996. http://www.nga.gov/gemini/
    * High Speed History
    The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) is the first independent
    museum to connect the high-speed research and education networks of
    Internet2."The connection to Internet2 will expand the museum's computing
    resources and therefore its research capabilities," Museum provost Michael
    Novaceck said in a statement. "The AMNH is uniquely poised both to generate
    scientific advances from this new technology and to communicate these
    advances to scientists, researchers, students and the public around the
    world."Novaceck said that fields such as comparative genomics,
    astrophysics, systematics, biodiversity sciences and geology would all
    benefit from the connection.

    Reported in Wired News, 12/3/2001

    * Misguided Guidelines for Interpreting Fair Use
    In an article discussing the evolution of "fair use" guidelines that have
    evolved in the wake of the Copyright Act of 1976, author Kenneth Crews
    notes that none of the guidelines has ever had the force of law to back it
    up, and, in fact, most of the guidelines bear little relationship to the
    law of fair use.
    Read the Ohio State Law Journal article at:

    * International Resources from the Library of Congress
    This site acts as a gateway to a number of Library of Congress (LOC)
    international resources.

    * The Canadian West
      From the National Archives of Canada, this Web exhibition includes over
    200 pictures, maps, and documents on European exploration and settlement of
    Western Canada, from the 1600s to 1930.

    * Cultural Materials from RLG - Trial Subscriptions
    Effective 1 November 2001, free one-month trial subscriptions to the new
    RLG Cultural Materials service are available. RLG Cultural Materials brings
    together rich digital collections from an international alliance of
    museums, libraries and archives, and provides a powerful, user-friendly new
    interface to support discovery and learning. http://www.rlg.org/culturalres/
    Information about a free one-month trial:


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