15.401 new on WWW: Blake Archive mirror in the U.K.

From: by way of Willard McCarty (willard@lists.village.Virginia.EDU)
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 01:51:46 EST

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                   Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 15, No. 401.
           Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London

             Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 06:43:37 +0000
             From: John Unsworth <jmu2m@virginia.edu>
             Subject: blake archive: UK mirror

    The William Blake Archive is pleased to announce the Archive's first
    mirror site. Hosted at Oxford University in Oxford, England, the
    mirror is available at www.blakearchive.org.uk. The Archive averages
    1,600+ visits per day, and many of these "visits" originate from
    British domains. Intended to improve access speed for our British
    and European users, the mirror can be accessed from our welcome and
    index pages as well as at the URL listed above. All Archive
    materials are available at both sites.

    The Humanities Computing Unit (HCU), a division of the Oxford
    University Computing Services (OUCS), hosts this mirror. The Blake
    mirror is the second such partnership between the Institute for
    Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) and the HCU. The
    Archive joins a growing list of Web-based humanities research
    projects that target and reach a global audience. A second Blake
    mirror in the Pacific is also in the works.

    We would like to thank Conall O'Brien (Systems Administrator, Network
    Systems Management Service, OUCS), Kirk Hastings (Lead
    Programmer/Analyst, IATH), and Andrea Laue (Project Manager, William
    Blake Archive) for their efforts on this project. In addition, Lou
    Burnard (Manager, HCU) and John Unsworth (Director, IATH) should be
    recognized for their support.

    As always, the William Blake Archive is a free site, imposing no
    access restrictions and charging no subscription fees. The site is
    made possible through the continuing support of the Institute for
    Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia,
    by a major grant from the Preservation and Access Division of the
    National Endowment for the Humanities, and by the cooperation of the
    international array of libraries and museums that have generously
    given us permission to represent works from their collections in the

    At present the Archive contains 41 copies of 18 of Blake's 19
    illuminated books, plus a fully SGML-encoded electronic edition of
    David. V. Erdman's _Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake_. In
    the near future we expect to release a much-anticipated electronic
    edition of _Jerusalem_, copy E; the publication of Blake's longest (and
    perhaps most spectacular) work will render the Archive's illuminated
    collection complete, with at least one copy of every work and
    multiple copies of most. At that point, in addition to continuing to
    publish additional copies of the works in illuminated printing, we
    will begin to incorporate Blake's accomplishments in other media
    (paintings, drawings, commercial and original engravings, and
    manuscripts). By spring we also plan to publish collection handlists
    for each of the Archive's contributing institutions. Future
    supplementary materials include a biography and glossary as well as
    improved, searchable versions of our bibliographies.

    Morris Eaves, Robert N. Essick, and Joseph Viscomi, editors
    Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, technical editor
    The William Blake Archive

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