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       [1] From: John Unsworth <jmu2m@virginia.edu> (74)
             Subject: job opening

       [2] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu> (28)
             Subject: Research Associate Scientist in Spoken Dialogue

             Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 07:51:39 +0000
             From: John Unsworth <jmu2m@virginia.edu>
             Subject: job opening

    Associate Director
    Geospatial and Statistical Data Center
    University of Virginia Library

    The University of Virginia Library seeks an innovative and energetic
    individual to serve as Associate Director of the Geospatial and Statistical
    Data Center (Geostat). The Associate Director will have significant
    opportunities to develop and advance services supporting numeric,
    geospatial, and other electronic information needs at the University of
    Virginia. The University and the Library have a strong commitment to
    achieving diversity among faculty and staff.

    ENVIRONMENT: The University of Virginia Library is a recognized leader in
    digital library services. The Library system consists of eleven libraries,
    with independent libraries for health sciences, law, and business. The
    Library serves 12,000 undergraduates, 6,000 graduate students and 1,600
    teaching faculty, and is a Virginia Regional Library for the US Depository
    Program. The Library's homepage can be accessed at
    http://www.lib.virginia.edu. The Library has begun implementation of its
    plans for "Library of Tomorrow," a vision to create the model University
    research library for the future (see http://staff.lib.virginia.edu/LofT/).
    Thomas Jefferson's Academical Village and the historic Grounds provide an
    inspiring environment for teaching, learning, and research.

    The Geospatial and Statistical Data Center offers a dynamic team
    environment and opportunities to collaborate in the development of
    integrated digital library services and initiatives. Geostat is located in
    Alderman Library, and assists users in most major schools of the
    University, including Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Commerce, Education,
    and Engineering and Applied Science. Geostat staff serve the University's
    teaching and research needs by identifying, acquiring, and providing
    assistance in the use of machine-readable data sets for geographic and
    statistical analysis. Geostat's services are offered online and in a large
    public computing lab/classroom featuring two dozen PC workstations. The
    Center also houses a large map collection and serves as a resource for
    statistical information in print. The Geospatial and Statistical Data
    Center can be accessed on the web at http://fisher.lib.virginia.edu.

    RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Reports to the Director of Geostat and will be
    primarily responsible for planning, coordinating and delivering services
    for numeric data collections, including reference services and collection
    development; Develops outreach activities to promote Geostat's services to
    users; Assists individuals and groups in the use of numeric resources and
    tools, including US and international data sources and ICPSR; Provides
    Library reference services as well as classroom and lab-based instruction
    for these resources; Serves as a resource for geographic information
    collections as necessary; Participates in teams consisting of other Library
    and University staff to further the delivery of numeric and spatial data
    resources for teaching and research; Oversees day-to-day management of the
    public service computing lab and classroom; Supervises
    Programmer/Consultant staff (2); Is professionally active, both within the
    Library and nationally.

    REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Master's degree or higher in a relevant field,
    with experience using numeric data resources in a research or educational
    setting; Extensive knowledge of computer software for statistical analysis,
    e.g., SAS, STATA, or SPSS; Ability to advise faculty, staff and students in
    a wide range of disciplines regarding the use of electronic data resources
    for teaching and research; Excellent instructional abilities with strong
    interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills; Creativity and
    evidence of ability to learn quickly; Strong user-centered service
    orientation; Commitment to diversity in the workplace and ability to serve
    a diverse user community; Commitment to professional growth and
    development; Supervisory experience desirable.

    SALARY AND BENEFITS: Salary competitive, depending on
    qualifications. General faculty status. The University of Virginia offers
    excellent benefits, including 22 days of vacation and TIAA/CREF and other
    optional retirement plans. Review of applications will begin on January
    11, 2001 and will continue until the position is filled. Send letter of
    application, resume, and names, addresses (including e-mail), and phone
    numbers of three references to:

          Mr. Alan Napier, Director of Library Human Resources
          Alderman Library
          University of Virginia
          PO Box 400114
          Charlottesville, VA 22904-4114

    The University of Virginia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
    employer. Minority candidates are encouraged to apply.

             Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 07:52:28 +0000
             From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu>
             Subject: Research Associate Scientist in Spoken Dialogue Systems

    >> From: "David Horowitz" <dhorowitz@voxgeneration.com>

    APPLICANTS: Please send CV to dhorowitz@voxgeneration.com addressed to
    David Horowitz, Chief Scientist

    In this position, you will assist in building up resources to establish a
    strong pan-European R&D group. You will help write components of grants
    and help define theoretical approaches towards conversational dialogue

    The focus of the work is on Natural Language Parsing and Unified Language
    Modelling. The Research Component that you will endeavour in is Unified
    Language Modelling and Statistical Robust Parsing.

    This is a highly technical position in mathematics and computer science.
    The R&D department collaborates with Professor Yorick Wilks at the
    University of Sheffield and the position will afford the candidate
    mentorship from key researchers at Wilks' Natural Language Processing

    Qualifications: Ph.D. in rigorous quantitative program such as Computer
    Science, Mathematical Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence,
    Machine Learning, Mathematics, Physics or Electrical Engineering or
    Computational Linguistics.

    Skills: Hands-on software development experience in Java, Prolog and/or
    C++. Perl required.

    David Horowitz
    Chief Scientist
    Spoken Language Sciences and Engineering
    Vox Generation Ltd
    Voice: +44 (0)20 7592 8155
    Fax: +44 (0)20 7582 8156
    Email: dhorowitz@voxgeneration.com

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