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       [1] From: Charles Ess <cmess@lib.drury.edu> (28)
             Subject: Panel on Internet Research Ethics at CEPE

       [2] From: Christine Ruotolo <cjr2q@etext.lib.virginia.edu> (49)
             Subject: Call For Papers: New Frontiers in Early American
                     Literature - Deadline 2/15/2002 (fwd)

             Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 10:56:49 +0000
             From: Charles Ess <cmess@lib.drury.edu>
             Subject: Panel on Internet Research Ethics at CEPE


    I'm very pleased to call your attention to a panel on Internet Research
    Ethics, to take place as part of the Computer Ethics: Philosophical
    Inquiries (CEPE) conference, this coming December 14-16 at Lancaster
    University (see
    The panel itself is scheduled for Sunday, December 16 @ 3:00-4:00 p.m.

    By bringing together European and U.S.-based researchers and ethicists, we
    hope to establish an ongoing interdisciplinary and international dialogue
    regarding the ethical issues that arise from online research on human
    subjects - and make progress towards developing values statements and
    guidelines that will help Institutional Review Boards and their equivalents
    resolve these issues in specific research proposals.

    The panel is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation; papers
    developed from the panel will appear in a special issue of the journal
    _Ethics and Information Technology_.

    I warmly invite any HUMANIST folk who may be able to attend CEPE to
    contribute to our discussion in December.

    Cheers and all best wishes,

    Charles Ess
    Director, Interdisciplinary Studies Center
    Drury University
    900 N. Benton Ave. Voice: 417-873-7230
    Springfield, MO 65802 USA FAX: 417-873-7435
    Home page: http://www.drury.edu/ess/ess.html
    Co-chair, CATaC 2002: http://www.it.murdoch.edu.au/~sudweeks/catac02/
    "...to be non-violent, we must not wish for anything on this earth which the
    meanest and lowest of human beings cannot have." -- Gandhi

             Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 10:57:24 +0000
             From: Christine Ruotolo <cjr2q@etext.lib.virginia.edu>
             Subject: Call For Papers: New Frontiers in Early American
    Literature - Deadline 2/15/2002 (fwd)

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    Conference Announcement: New Frontiers in Early American Literature, August
    8-10, 2002

    The University of Virginia Library's Electronic Text Center, with the
    support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, announces "New Frontiers in
    Early American Literature," a conference to be held August 8-10, 2002 at the
    University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.

    The "New Frontiers in Early American Literature" Conference will bring
    together scholars exploring the Early American literary period in all its
    facets. Presentations on all authors and all genres are welcome.
    Interdisciplinary approaches are also encouraged.

    This conference is inspired by our work in creating the "Electronic Archive
    of Early American Fiction," an expansive on-line collection of American
    novels and short stories written between 1789 and 1875. The texts chosen for
    the project are drawn from the UVA Library's world-renowned collection in
    Early American materials and include works by well-known authors such as
    James Fenimore Cooper, Edgar Allan Poe, and Charles Brockden Brown, as well
    as lesser-known writers such as Catharine Maria Sedgwick and Rufus Dawes.

    Papers, poster sessions, and panel proposals from all areas of studies in
    Early American Literature will be considered, though possible topics include
    Exploring the Frontier, Popular and Domestic Fiction, the Literary
    Marketplace, Femininity and Masculinity, and Literature and the Civil War.

    We also welcome papers related to these proposed sessions:

    -Textual Editing
    -Creating Digital Archives
    -Using Digital Resources for Scholarship, Teaching, or Pleasure Reading

    We encourage submissions from various constituencies, including graduate
    students, academic computing experts, and faculty members. Proposals for
    digital or multi-media presentations are welcome.

    The Conference will take place in the central grounds of the University of
    Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819. Participants and attendees
    will have the opportunity to attend a private tour of Jefferson's Monticello
    and a dinner in the University of Virginia's Rotunda.

    We will be awarding 4 travel stipends of up to $250 to eligible Graduate
    Students. Please note on your submission that you would like to be
    considered for one of these travel grants.

    One page abstracts are due February 15, 2002. Please e-mail to
    jennifer@virginia.edu or send to:

    Jennifer McCarthy
    Electronic Text Center
    Alderman Library
    University of Virginia
    PO Box 400148
    Charlottesville, VA 22904

    Please include your name, telephone number, e-mail address, and your
    institutional and departmental affiliation.

    If you require A/V equipment for your presentation, please include details
    in your proposal to facilitate room arrangements.

    For more information about the Electronic Text Center's Early American
    Fiction project, please visit http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/eaf

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