15.311 humanities computing MA at Virginia

From: by way of Willard McCarty (willard@lists.village.Virginia.EDU)
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 12:22:29 EDT

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                   Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 15, No. 311.
           Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London

             Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 09:14:51 -0700
             From: John Unsworth <jmu2m@virginia.edu>
             Subject: new humanities computing MA program

    Please advise appropriate undergraduate students of the existence of a new
    MA degree in humanities computing (called the MA in Digital Humanities) in
    the Media Studies Program at the University of Virginia. Applications for
    admission cannot be accepted until the program receives final approval from
    the State government, which we expect on November 20th; applications will
    then be due on January 15th. More information about the program, including
    aims of the degree, course descriptions, faculty information, and the like,
    is available on the web, at: http://www.virginia.edu/mediastudies/. Those
    who need or prefer a flash-free presentation of the same information can
    find it at: http://www.virginia.edu/mediastudies/plaintext.html

    John Unsworth

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