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    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    October 3, 2001

                    Issue 5 of Cultivate Interactive is now available:

    The latest issue of "Cultivate Interactive" is now available from the UK
    Office of Library Networking. Funded by the European Commission's Digital
    Heritage and Cultural Content (DIGICULT) program, Cultivate Interactive has
    news and feature articles about he international networking of cultural
    heritage materials. This issue features articles on internetaional

    David Green

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    >Apologies for cross posting

    Welcome to Issue 5 of Cultivate Interactive
    Issue 5 of Cultivate Interactive is now available:

    The highlights include:

    Feature Articles
    T-News: Bridging the Museum Generation Gap:
    Do you have problems getting teenagers into your Museum? Nils Olander
    explains how Telemuseum tackled this problem by allowing them to create low
    budget news programmes using Telemuseum's television studios.

    Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:
    Paul Miller, David Dawson and John Perkins report on a recent meeting at
    which representatives of national and international cultural content
    creation programmes from around the world were invited to consider scope for
    greater collaboration.

    The Israel Museum and the Electronic Surrogate:
    Susan Hazan, the curator of new media for the Israel Museum based in
    Jerusalem attempts to answer the q uestion "If the intrinsic experience of a
    museum is about its material collections, why would a museum even want an
    electronic surrogate?"

    Thibault Heuz describes innovation opportunities available for the
    information community via CORDIS, the European Commission's Research and
    Development Information Service.

    A Survey of Virtual Reality in the VIS.I.T. Theatre:
    The CINECA team (Interuniversity Consortium) talk about their role as a
    leading player in the visualization field.

    Regular and Misc. Articles

    DIGICULT Column
    Concha Fernndez de la Puente writes her last column on the European
    Commission's initiatives in the field of digital heritage and cultural

    At the Event: 5th European Conference, ECDL 2001:
    The 5th conference in the series of European Conferences on Research and
    Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries was held in Darmstadt, Germany
    between 4 and 9 September 2001. Monica Bonett attended on behalf of the
    IMesh Toolkit Project, and reports on some of the activities.

    An Introductory Guide to Audio and Video Encoding:
    In a follow up to last issue's Streaming Video articles David Johns of
    Culturejam limited, a company who specialise in optimising video and audio
    for the Web, introduces the art of encoding.

    IFAEK: A Vision of Improvements for a More Structured and Personalized World
    Wide Web:
    Christian Guetl discusses a possible way of providing existing Web content
    with more structure and context, which may help users to get more relevant
    information from the Internet.

    The most Fascinating Library Buildings in the World:
    Godfrey Oswald leads the search and introduces 'The Book of Library

    A Content Management and Web Publishing Systems Gazetteer
    Philip Hunter follows on from a recent Ariadne article with a detailed list
    of the different Content Management Systems currently available.

    Other Areas


    Cultivate Interactive's Spot the European City Competition.

    If you have any queries regarding Cultivate Interactive or writing for
    Cultivate Interactive please send them to <cultivate-editor@ukoln.ac.uk>

    Marieke Napier, Information Officer
    UKOLN, University of Bath, Bath, England, BA2 7AY
    Cultivate Interactive: http://www.cultivate-int.org/
    Home Page: http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/ukoln/staff/m.napier/
    Phone: 01225 826354
    FAX: 01225 826838


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