15.282 jobs: postdocs/ABDs (Singapore), lectureship (London)

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           Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London

       [1] From: "George P. Landow, Dean, University Scholars (55)
                     Programme" <uspdean@nus.edu.sg>
             Subject: postdoctoral fellowships and ABD fellowships at

       [2] From: Susan Hockey <s.hockey@ucl.ac.uk> (43)
             Subject: Job: Lecturer in Electronic Communication at UCL

             Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 09:13:25 +0100
             From: "George P. Landow, Dean, University Scholars Programme"
             Subject: postdoctoral fellowships and ABD fellowships at Singapore

    Postdoctoral Fellowships and Fellowships for ABDs to Work on the Victorian
    and Postcolonial Websites

    The Web Initiative at the University Scholars Programme, National University
    of Singapore, headed by George Landow, who holds a dual appointment at Brown
    and NUS, is looking for researchers in the humanities to work in Singapore
    on sites that receive as many as 8.3 million hits/month and which are
    recommended by the ministries of education in France, Sweden, Ireland,
    Scotland, NEH, BBC, etc etc.

       We pay a postdoc about US $30,000, which is the equivalent in the USA of
    maybe $45,000, since (a) living expenses are lower, (b) income taxes are
    about 15%, (c) the first $75,000/year are US tax free. The term can be
    anywhere from 6-12 months, and we'd be able to fly someone to the UK or US
    for a week or two's research. Here is the description:

    a. We need two postdoctoral fellowx for the Victorian Web and one for the
    Postcolonial Webs. Their tasks will be some -- not all -- of the following:

    I. Linking materials across disciplines, including creating crossroads or
    transition documents;

    II. Develop new materials by researching, writing, and then integrating

    III. Assist win the proof-reading of links and images as well as the
    addition of new links;

    IV. Help conceptualise, create, and manage links among both individual
    disciplines within a web (e.g. science, literature, and economics) and
    between major webs (e.g., materials within individual disciplines, say,
    history in both Singapore and Victorian Webs.)

    V. Recruit contributors who will both write new materials and grant
    permission to include major out-of-print materials on which they hold

    VI. Carry out major projects such as the integration of complete books into
    the Victorian Web;

    VII. Experiment with and formulate rules for sharing relatively advanced
    scholarly and scientific research topics with materials used by learners at
    more basic stages, the subsidiary goal of the project being to provide
    materials, including introductions and study questions, for secondary school
    and beginning university students.

    VIII. Create a directory of syllabi world for modules and courses on
    selected subjects from major universities throughout the, thus making the
    sites an international "place-to-go" for model syllabi.

    Those interested, who can base their work in any humanities field, including
    history of science and technology, should examine the websites before
    applying; they can be found at

    www.victorianweb.org and www.postcolonialweb.org

    or http://www.scholars.nus.edu.sg/landow/victorian/ and


    Applicants should contact uspdean@nus.edu.sg. We plan to interview
    literature candidates at this year's MLA meeting in New Orleans, and other
    arrangements can be made.

    George P. Landow
    Dean, University Scholars Programme
    Shaw Professor of English and Digital Culture (Computer Science)
    National University of Singapore

    Professor of English and Art History
    Brown University


             Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 09:15:34 +0100
             From: Susan Hockey <s.hockey@ucl.ac.uk>
             Subject: Job: Lecturer in Electronic Communication at UCL

                       UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON

                   School of Library, Archive and Information Studies

                         Lecturer in Electronic Communication

    The School of Library, Archive and Information Studies at UCL is embarking
    on a vigorous development of IT-related research and teaching. The School
    offers a
    highly successful BSc in Information Management and MA in Electronic
    Communication and Publishing as well as masters' programmes in Library and
    Information Studies, Archives and Records Management, and Information

    We are now seeking an additional lecturer in the area of Electronic
    Communication to strengthen the MA in Electronic Publishing and Communication
    and the BSc in Information Management. The person appointed will ideally
    specialize in the social and legal aspects of electronic communication and
    information management, especially in relation to the Internet. S/he will
    show strong evidence of research potential and will be able to teach at all
    from first year undergraduate to taught masters, and be able to supervise
    undergraduate and masters dissertations.

    This is a new post with opportunity to develop new ideas and new directions
    within the overall development strategy for the School. Existing IT-based
    research focuses on Internet technologies, user interface design, XML,
    digital libraries and artificial intelligence applications.

    Starting salary up to 27,273 depending on qualifications and experience.
    London Allowance of 2134 is also payable.

    To apply please submit a CV, covering letter and the names and addresses of
    three referees to Professor Susan Hockey, Director, School of Library,
    Archive and Information Studies, UCL, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, e-mail
    s.hockey@ucl.ac.uk by 18 October 2001.

    Further information about the School can be found on our Web site at
    http://www.ucl.ac.uk/slais or from Kerstin Michaels, email k.michaels@ucl.ac.uk

    The closing date for applications is Thursday, 18th October 2001.

                       Working Toward Equal Opportunity

    Susan Hockey
    Director of the School and
    Professor of Library and Information Studies
    School of Library, Archive and Information Studies
    University College London
    Gower Street
    London WC1E 6BT
    Phone: 020 7679 2477; Fax 020 7383 0557
    E-mail: s.hockey@ucl.ac.uk

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