15.275 Busa Award: call for nominations

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Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 03:50:20 EDT

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             Subject: Busa Award: call for nominations

    The Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing (ALLC) and
    the Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH)

    The Roberto Busa Award

    FOR THE 2004 AWARD

    The Roberto Busa Award is a joint award of the Association for Literary
    and Linguistic Computing (ALLC) and the Association for Computers and
    the Humanities (ACH). It is given every three years to honour
    outstanding scholarly achievement in humanities computing.

    The Award is named after Roberto Busa, SJ, who is regarded by many as
    the founder of the field of humanities computing. The first award was
    given to Father Busa himself in 1998 and recipient of the second award
    in 2001 was Emeritus Professor John Burrows, who has helped to shape the
    application of statistical methods to the analysis of textual style and
    has bridged the gap between traditional literary criticism and
    computer-aided stylistics.

    The next Busa Award will be given at the ALLC/ACH conference in 2004.
    The Award Committee (names listed below) invites nominations for this
    award. Nominations may be made by anyone with an interest in humanities
    computing and neither nominee nor nominator need be a member of ALLC or
    ACH. Nominators should give some account of the nominees work and the
    reasons it is felt to be an outstanding contribution to the field. A
    list of bibliographic references to the nominees work is desirable.
    Nominators are welcome to resubmit updated versions of unsuccessful
    nominations submitted in previous years.

    Nominations should be sent to the Chair of the Award Committee, Lisa
    Lena Opas-Hnninen, at the address lisa.lena.opas@joensuu.fi or
    Department of Foreign Languages, University of Joensuu, PO Box 111,
    80101 Joensuu, Finland, no later than September 1, 2002.

    2004 Busa Award Committee:
    John Dawson
    Willard McCarty
    Lisa Lena Opas-Hnninen
    Espen Ore
    John Unsworth

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