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       [1] From: Barbara Bordalejo <bb268@nyu.edu> (32)
             Subject: Colloquium on Editing

       [2] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu> (21)
             Subject: Final CFP: M4M-2

       [3] From: "David L. Green" <david@ninch.org> (166)
                     Sept 24, 2001

             Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 07:04:34 +0100
             From: Barbara Bordalejo <bb268@nyu.edu>
             Subject: Colloquium on Editing


    >From Peter Robinson <peter.robinson@DMU.AC.UK>
    Date Wednesday, September 19, 2001 12:14 pm
    Subject Colloquium on Editing: European Society for Textual Scholarship

    Dear everyone

    Announcing: the Inaugural Colloquium for the European Society for Textual

    The European Society for Textual Scholarship is to provide an international
    and interdisciplinary forum for the theory and practice of textual
    scholarship in Europe. It is being established in close collaboration with
    the Society for Textual Scholarship (North America; http://www.textual.org),
    and will hold a major conference in each even-numbered year. The Society is
    sponsored by The Centre for Technology and the Arts, Faculty of Humanities
    and Social Sciences, De Montfort University, Leicester, and by The
    Constantijn Huygens Institute for text editions and intellectual history,
    The Hague.

    The Inaugural Colloquium for the Society will be held in De Montfort
    University, Leicester, on Thursday and Friday 22 and 23 November 2001.
    Speakers will include Peter Shillingsburg, Hans-Walter Gabler, David Parker,
    Peter Robinson, Dick van Vliet, Bodo Plachta and Andreas Dress.

    Further information about the colloquium is at
    http://www.cta.dmu.ac.uk/ests/initcolloq.html. The Society website is

    Peter Robinson

    Director, Centre for Technology and the Arts, Faculty of Humanities and
    Social Sciences
    De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester LE1 5XY, UK
    Phone +44 (0)116 250 6495, fax 257 7265. http://www.cta.dmu.ac.uk/
    The Canterbury Tales Project http://www.cta.dmu.ac.uk/projects/ctp/
    The MASTER Project http://www.cta.dmu.ac.uk/projects/master

             Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 07:06:24 +0100
             From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu>
             Subject: Final CFP: M4M-2

    >> From: Methods for Modalities <m4m@science.uva.nl>



    Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
    University of Amsterdam
    November 29-30, 2001

    DEADLINE: October 12, 2001

    The workshop Methods for Modalities (M4M) aims to bring together
    researchers interested in developing proof tools and reasoning methods for
    modal logic broadly conceived, including description logic, hybrid logics,
    feature logic, temporal logic, etc.

    To stimulate interaction and transfer of expertise, M4M will be centered
    around a number of long presentations by leading researchers; these
    presentations aim to provide both the general background and inside
    information in a number of key areas. To complement these, we are inviting
    submissions of short, focussed presentations aimed at highlighting new
    developments and applications, and submissions of system demonstrations.
    M4M-2 is the second installment of this bi-anual workshop series.

    [material deleted]

             Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 07:12:37 +0100
             From: "David L. Green" <david@ninch.org>
    24, 2001

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    September 20, 2001


                                   * ALTERED PROGRAM *

    "Intellectual Property & Multimedia in the Digital Age"
    Monday September 24: New York Public Library

                   * Siva Vaidhyanathan and Jane White added to Program *

    The New York City NINCH COPYRIGHT TOWN MEETING will be held Monday
    September 24 (8:30am-5pm) at the New York Public Library (Fifth Avenue at
    42nd Street).

    Due to the turmoil induced by the attack on New York City last week, two of
    the advertised speakers will not be able to participate. However, we are
    very grateful that two new speakers have agreed to contribute to the program:

    * Siva Vaidhyanathan, cultural historian and media scholar at the
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, author of the new book "Copyrights and
    Copywrongs," is currently working on a book about Napster and the ways we
    regulate our information ecosystem.

    * Jane White, Director of the International Children's Digital Library at
    The Internet Archive, and formerly of ABC News, will speak about copyright
    issues faced by The Internet Moving Images Archive <www.archive.org/movies/>

    As before, the two keynote speakers, Professor Peter Jaszi (Washington
    College of Law, American University) and Linda Tadic (Manager of the
    Digital Library, Home Box Office) will explore issues arising for
    non-profit cultural institutions as they manage and use multimedia digital
    cultural material in an online environment. They will then each moderate a
    panel discussing issues from the points of view of owners and users of
    digital assets.

    Registration: A free box lunch will be available only for those 315 people
    who have registered for the meeting. Although registration has closed,
    there may be some limited seating available for others.

    The NINCH Copyright Town Meetings balance expert opinion and audience
    participation on the basics of copyright law, the implications of copyright
    online, recent changes in copyright law and practice, and practical issues
    related to the networking of cultural heritage materials. The program will
    include plenty of time for audience questions, comments and discussion. For
    information on all the NINCH 2001 Copyright Town meetings, see

    * * *

    Two keynote speakers will address the issues of non-profits as
    rightsholders and as users of digital multimedia material. Professor Peter
    Jaszi (Washington College of Law, American University) will speak on
    "non-profits as rightsholders" while Linda Tadic (Manager of the Digital
    Library, Home Box Office) will address "non-profits as users."

    Peter Jaszi teaches at the Washington College of Law of The American
    University, in Washington, D.C., where he directs the new Glushko-Samuelson
    Intellectual Property Clinic and the Program on Intellectual Property and
    the Public Interest. Professor Jaszi is a graduate of Harvard College and
    Harvard Law School, and an experienced copyright litigator who lectures
    frequently to professional groups in the United States and abroad.

    Linda Tadic is the Manager of the Digital Library at HBO. Ms. Tadic was the
    Digital Projects Coordinator at the Getty Research Institute. Prior to this
    position, she was Director of the Media Archives and Peabody Awards
    Collection at the University of Georgia. In 1998-1999, she was President of
    the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA).

    Professor Jaszi will moderate a panel on "Intellectual Property Owners in
    the Digital Environment," with the following speakers:

    * Ryan Craig, a business development consultant, lawyer and co-founder of
    Fathom, is currently with Warburg Pincus, the international private equity
    firm, where he invests in and works with education and training companies.
    At McKinsey & Company, Mr. Craig advised top management in the music,
    video, cable, telecommunications and Internet industries on strategic and
    operational projects.

    * Adam Eisgrau, Principal and Director of The Wexler Group, was Judiciary
    Committee Counsel to Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) (1993-1995) and then
    the First legislative Counsel for the American Library Association
    (1995-1999), where he served as principal domestic and international
    lobbyist on intellectual property issues as the world wrestled with the
    reform of IP law for the Internet
    age. Eisgrau also was a primary organizer and media spokesperson for the
    Digital Future Coalition.

    * Donald J. Waters is the Program Officer for Scholarly Communications at
    The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Before joining the Foundation, he served
    as the first Director of the Digital Library Federation (1997-1999), and as
    Associate University Librarian at Yale University (1993-1997). In
    1995-1996, he co-chaired the Task Force of the Commission of Preservation
    and Access and the Research Libraries Group on Archiving of Digital
    Information, and was the editor and a principal author of the
    groundbreaking Task Force Report.

    Linda Tadic will then moderate a panel on "Intellectual Property Users in
    the Digital Environment," with the following speakers:

    * Howard Besser is an Associate Professor at UCLA's School of Education
    and Information Studies where he teaches courses and does research on
    multimedia, image databases, digital libraries, metadata standards,
    intellectual property, digital longevity,information literacy, and the
    social and cultural impact of new information technologies. He was a
    member of the National Academy of Science panel that authored "The Digital
    Dilemma: Intellectual Property in the Information Age."

    * Siva Vaidhyanathan, Assistant Professor of Information Studies at the
    University of Wisconsin at Madison
    A cultural historian and media scholar, Professor Vaidhyanathan is the
    author of Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and
    How it Threatens Creativity (New York University Press, 2001). He is
    currently working on a book about Napster and the ways we regulate our
    information ecosystem. Vaidhyanathan has written for many periodicals, has
    testified at hearings held by the U.S. Copyright office and has submitted
    amicus briefs in some high-profile copyright cases. After five years as a
    professional journalist Vaidhyanathan earned a Ph.D. in American Studies
    from the University of Texas at Austin. Vaidhyanathan has taught at the
    University of Texas, Wesleyan University, and New York University.

    * Jane White is Director of the NSF-funded International Children's
    Digital Library at The Internet Archive. She has worked as executive vice
    president and executive producer for Dotcomiz, a performance animation
    company, as development director at Viacom New Media and executive producer
    at Paramount Interactive. While at ABC News (1986-1993) she was director of
    education services, manager of ABC News Archives and co-founder of ABC News
    Interactive where she produced a series of interactive multimedia materials
    for the educational community.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Local committees have organized the Town Meetings, which have been
    coordinated and reviewed by the NINCH Town Meetings Working Group. The
    Copyright Town Meetings series is a component of the NINCH Copyright
    Education Program, organized by the NINCH Advocacy Working Group.

    Patricia Barnett
    Andrew W. Mellon Librarian, The Frick Collection

    Jacqueline F. Bausch
    Deputy General Counsel, The New York Public Library

    Daniel Dex
    Associate Counsel, The New York Public Library

    Heike Kordish
    Deputy Director, The Research Libraries,
    The New York Public Library

    Madeleine Nichols
    Curator, Jerome Robbins Dance Collection,
    The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

    Robert J. Vanni
    General Counsel, The New York Public Library

    Jennifer Vinopal
    Coordinator, Studio for Digital Projects & Research
    New York University Libraries

    Matthew Zimmerman
    Humanities Computing Specialist,
    New York University Information Technology Services

    Kathe Albrecht, American University/Visual Resources Association
    Mary Case, Association of Research Libraries
    Robert Baron, Independent Scholar
    Kenneth Crews, Indiana University
    Georgia Harper, University of Texas
    Christine Sundt, University of Oregon/Visual Resources Association/NINCH BOARD
    Marta Teegen, College Art Association
    Sanford Thatcher, Pennsylvania State University Press/Association of
    American University Presses
    Peter Walsh, College Art Association Committee on Intellectual Property
    Patricia Williams, Americans for the Arts
    Martha Winnacker, University of California

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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