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             Subject: Book: Word frequency dstributions

    >> From: Jean Veronis <Jean.Veronis@newsup.univ-mrs.fr>

                              KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                     Volume 18
                    Series editors: Nancy Ide and Jean V=E9ronis

                            WORD FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTIONS
                               R. Harald Baayen
                       University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

    This book is a comprehensive introduction to the statistical analysis
    of word frequency distributions, intended for computational
    linguists, corpus linguists, psycholinguists, and researchers in
    the field of quantitative stylistics. Word frequency distributions
    are characterized by very large numbers of rare words. This property
    leads to strange phenomena such as mean frequencies that
    systematically change as the number of observations is increased,
    relative frequencies that even in large samples are not fully
    reliable estimators of population probabilities, and model parameters
    that vary with text or corpus size. Special statistical techniques
    for the analysis of distributions with large numbers of rare events
    can be found in various technical journals. The aim of this book is
    to make these techniques more accessible for non-specialists, both
    theoretically, by means of a careful introduction to the underlying
    probabilistic and statistical concepts, and practically, by providing
    a program library implementing the main models for word frequency
    distributions (CD-ROM included).
    Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht
    Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-7017-1
    June 2001, 356 pp.
    EUR 117.00 / USD 108.00 / GBP 74.00



    1. Word Frequencies.
    2. Non-parametric models.
    3. Parametric models.
    4. Mixture distributions.
    5. The Randomness Assumption.
    6. Examples of Applications.

    A. List of Symbols.
    B. Solutions of the exercises.
    C. Software.
    D. Data sets.

    CD-ROM Included


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