15.209 paper on "Cyborg Temporality"

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Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 03:33:48 EDT

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             Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 08:27:31 +0100
             From: Arun-Kumar Tripathi
             Subject: Mora Campbell on _Cyborg Temporality_

    Prof. Mora Campbell for THE BROWN BAG RESEARCH SEMINARS:1999-2000 Series
    presented a paper on 'Cyborg Temporality..'

    Abstract of the paper is followed:->

    Albert Borgmann and Donna Haraway are brought into conversation to examine
    the relationship between technology and temporal ambiguity and,
    ultimately, the question of the moral efficacy of ambiguity. The
    examination is guided by examples of virtual reality technology drawn from
    Borgmann and Katherine Hayles. I argue that both Borgmann's and Haraway's
    accounts of technology serve to elucidate experiences of temporal
    ambiguity and to clarify questions of commitment. However, I conclude
    that, in temporal terms, Haraway's desire, through the metaphor of the
    cyborg, to imagine a world that can be otherwise, serves, among others
    things, to consign us to a form of cyborg narcissism which betrays our
    commitments to ending injustices against humans and other beings.
    Borgmann, on the other hand, in his proposals for the reform of technology
    through focal things and practices, does not take questions of gender and
    cross-cultural difference into account sufficiently, and so fails to go
    far enough in rethinking social change. Ultimately, Borgmann's and
    Haraway's accounts serve as correctives to one another, but both would be
    strengthened by taking questions of individual and collective experiences
    of temporality more seriously.

    For more elaborated discussion on 'humans and machines' --see the
    interview of Prof. Albert Borgmann and Prof. Katherine Hayles at

    Thanking you..any feedbacks or criticisms are most welcome.

    Best Regards
    Arun Kumar Tripathi

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