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             Subject: Web Preservation: OCLC Spearheads Web Document Digital
    Archive Project

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
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                  OCLC Spearheads Web Document Digital Archive Project

         Project to be informed by OCLC/RLG Preservation Metadata Working Group

    With the goal of creating a sustainable service to provide long-term access
    to web documents, OCLC recently announced the Web Document Digital Archive
    Project. It will be working with several other institutions in examining
    user needs, building and evaluating prototype systems and developing
    policies and best practices. The pilot will use the Open Archival
    Information System (OAIS) model to develop a working digital archive.

    David Green

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    DUBLIN, Ohio, July 17, 2001 - OCLC, with input from several organizations, is
    developing a digital archive to track and preserve web-based documents that
    exist solely in electronic format. The goal of the Web Document Digital
    Archive project is to create a sustainable service to provide long-term
    access to web documents. The service will fill libraries' basic needs for
    identification, selection, capture, description, preservation, and access to
    documents that would not be accessible in the future otherwise.

    OCLC is seeking direct input on the project from a variety of institutions
    already focused on the issue: The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO); The
    Connecticut State Library; and the Joint Electronic Records Repository
    Initiative (JERRI), a partnership of the State Library of Ohio, the Ohio
    Historical Society's State Archives, the Ohio Supercomputer Center and the
    Ohio Department of Administrative Services.
    "Participants will be collaborating with OCLC on system user requirements,
    evaluating working prototypes through 'hands-on' experience, and developing
    policies and practices for long-term retention in concert with current best
    practices established through other digital archive projects
    internationally," said Taylor Surface, director of OCLC Content Management
    Services. "Long-term retention and access to documents published on the
    World Wide Web have universal appeal to libraries and people seeking the
    information in them."
    This pilot will be tested in several phases during the next 18 months using
    the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) model to develop a working
    digital archive. Building on this soon-to-be international standard, the
    Web Document Digital Archive will provide a unique integration of workflow
    to assist library staff in management of these electronic-only publications.
    OAIS defines the framework of functions and features of a basic digital

    "GPO is excited to be part of OCLC's Web Document Digital Archive project to
    develop a system to provide the same stability of access to digital
    publications that can be achieved with print publications," said Gil
    Baldwin, director of the Library Program Service, GPO. "I believe that this
    metadata and archiving toolkit will help GPO further its mission to provide
    permanent public access to the electronic government resources in the
    Federal Depository Library Program."

    "State government information nowadays is published predominantly, in some
    cases exclusively, on the web," said Stephen Slovasky, bibliographic
    services head, Connecticut State Library. "We intend, through the Digital
    Archive, to capture, preserve, provide access to, and manage the usage
    rights of electronic state documents. The Connecticut State Library is
    pleased to collaborate with OCLC, GPO and the Ohio JERRI group on developing
    this important service."

    "The JERRI partners have spent considerable time and energy investigating
    ways to identify, capture and permanently store web publications of enduring
    historical value created by State of Ohio government agencies," said Jim
    Buchman, head of public services, State Library of Ohio. "To date we have
    found no off-the-shelf solution to satisfy our requirements. The JERRI
    partners are quite pleased that OCLC is now developing such a solution."
    Work on the Web Document Digital Archive project will be informed by the
    developments of the Preservation Metadata working group convened by OCLC and
    RLG. The working group has published an initial white paper of current best
    practices at <http://www.oclc.org/digitalpreservation>.

    "Goals of the project coincide with OCLC's global strategy, which includes
    establishing metadata, digital collection and preservation management, and
    providing web-based services for contribution, discovery, exchange, delivery
    and presentation," said Meg Bellinger, president of OCLC Preservation

    The project is part of OCLC's global strategy and the development of Digital
    Collections Management & Preservation services.

    The Government Printing Office catalogs items distributed through the
    federal depository program into WorldCat. GPO makes government publications
    in all formats freely accessible to the public through more than 1,300
    federal depository libraries throughout the United States. Online and print
    publications cataloged and disseminated by GPO provide information of
    current and enduring interest on a broad assortment of topics, including
    congressional documents, federal research, business, science, technology,
    statistical data, law, medicine and federal regulations.

    The Connecticut State Library is the principal library for all branches of
    state government. It provides reference services and specialized
    collections in law and legislation; public administration and policy; state,
    federal and local government; Connecticut history and genealogy; newspapers;
    and archives in support of its mission "to provide high-quality library and
    information services to state government and the citizens of Connecticut,"
    and "to preserve and make accessible the records of Connecticut's history
    and heritage."

    The Joint Electronic Records Repository is a collaborative partnership of
    the Technology Policy Group of the Ohio Supercomputer Center, the Ohio
    Historical Society's State Archives, the State Library of Ohio, and the Ohio
    Department of Administrative Services. Its purpose is to find ways to
    appraise, preserve and provide access to Ohio's electronic and e-commerce
    records of enduring historical value, and to position Ohio as a leader in
    archiving electronic records and publications. Currently, the group is in
    the planning stage of a pilot electronic records long-term storage and
    retrieval program for state records.

    Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, OCLC Online Computer Library Center is a
    nonprofit organization that provides computer-based cataloging, reference,
    resource sharing and preservation services to 39,000 libraries in 76
    countries and territories. OCLC was founded in 1967 to improve access to
    the world's information and reduce information costs, and conducts ongoing
    research to develop technologies to support that mission. Forest Press, a
    division of OCLC since 1988, publishes the Dewey Decimal Classification

    Dewey, Dewey Decimal Classification, Forest Press, OCLC and WorldCat are
    registered trademarks of OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Incorporated.
    Preservation Resources is a trademark of OCLC Online Computer Library
    Center, Incorporated.

    Nita Dean +1-614-761-5002


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