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    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    August 14, 2001

    NSF Announces Information Technology Research (ITR) FY 2002 Program

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    > ment ; due dates 11/8/01 -- 2/7/02
    >Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 18:59:29 -0400


    Information Technology Research (ITR)
    Program Solicitation, NSF 01-149


    Large projects: Pre-proposals (mandatory): November 9, 2001
                              Full proposals (invited): April 4, 2002

    Medium projects: Proposals: November 13, 2001

    Small projects: Proposals submitted to a directorate other than
                                      February 6, 2002
                              Proposals submitted to CISE directorate:
                                      February 7, 2002


    Information Technology is a broad subject, with applications and
    effects throughout the sciences, engineering, education, the
    economy, the humanities, and society in general. IT deals with
    how we develop and use information, how we make sense of it, how
    we compute, and how we communicate and make decisions. In many
    cases, the scale and scope of opportunities and challenges
    require research approaches that cover many parts of the IT field
    and other areas.

    In FY2002, NSF's ITR investments will be focused in three
    multidisciplinary areas: software and hardware systems;
    augmenting individuals and transforming society; and advancement
    of the frontiers of science via information technology. ...
    NSF understands that proposals may span more than one of these areas
    and encourages submission of such proposals.

    Cognizant Program Officer for CISE Directorate:
        - Michael Lesk, Dr., CISE/IIS, telephone: (703) 292-8930,
           e-mail: mlesk@nsf.gov.

    For details see http://www.nsf.gov/cgi-bin/getpub?nsf01149

    For general information on the previous ITR initiative announcements see
    http://www.itr.nsf.gov/. In particular, information at FAQs at
    http://www.itr.nsf.gov/faq/index.html may be useful.

    You are encouraged to subscribe to the NSF Custom News Service
    http://www.nsf.gov/home/cns/start.htm in order to receive information of
    interest to you as soon as it becomes available.


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