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             Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 07:04:39 +0100
             From: Eve Trager <etrager@umich.edu>
             Subject: The Latest Issue of the Journal of Electronic Publishing


    The authors who contributed to this issue of The Journal of
    Electronic Publishing wisely recognize that the world has changed,
    and they examine what some of those changes mean.

    So here is the August 2001 issue of The Journal of Electronic
    Publishing -- the first issue of our first three-times-a-year volume
    -- for your reading enjoyment: http://www.press.umich.edu/jep/

    Declaring Independence:
    Returning Scientific Publishing to Scientists
            Alison Buckholtz has been involved with SPARC's "Declaring
            Independence" project from the beginning, and in her
            article she shares with us the reason this library
            organization researched and published a manifesto for
            scientists who are tired of rising journal prices --
            and the reaction to that manifesto in the scientific and
            publishing communities.

    The Impact of the Internet on Teaching and Practicing Journalism
            Joanne Teoh Khen Yau and Suliman Al-Hawamdeh, who teach
            journalism in Singapore, look at the influence the Internet
            has had on print and electronic journalism, and the effect
            those changes have had on the teaching of journalism.

    Copyright Endurance and Change
            Georgia K. Harper, who is a manager of intellectual property
            for the University of Texas system, has turned her Copyright
            Crash Course into a primer on copyright. You'll definitely
            want to bookmark this article.

    The Deep Web: Surfacing Hidden Value
            Michael K. Bergman, whose BrightPlanet company offers a new
            approach to search engines, examines the wealth of
            information that is available only on dynamically created
            Web sites, those that don't exist except as relational
            databases until someone seeks information from them. As more
            sites adopt the dynamic approach to pages, they are creating
            a challenge for standard search engines. This article looks
            at some alternatives.

    The More Things Change . . .
            Philippa Benson reflects on how this new digital age is
            really pretty much like previous times -- only moreso.

    Q.A.: How About a Little Privacy?
            Contributing editor Thom Lieb notes that in trying to find
            out enough about their readers to gear their sites to them,
            Web publishers may be alienating the very people they are
            trying to reach. While there are no national or international
            standards of Internet privacy, there are some commonly
            accepted elements of a privacy policy: notice, choice,
            security, and access. Publishers concerned about reassuring
            readers about Internet privacy will find much to think
            about in this article.

    Editor's Gloss: Taking License
            This new technology has created unanticipated issues that
            cause us anxiety.

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    articles electronic publishing to count, contribute to Potpourri:



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