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      [1] From: cast01@netzspannung.org (43)
            Subject: cast01 // open for registration

      [2] From: Mariet Theune <theune@cs.utwente.nl> (53)

      [3] From: Francois Lachance <lachance@chass.utoronto.ca> (13)
            Subject: 2001 TOHE Call for Proposals

      [4] From: Steven Totosy <totosy@lib.purdue.edu> (21)
            Subject: CFP: Michael Ondaatje

            Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 15:40:31 -0500 (EST)
            From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu>
            Subject: cast01 // open for registration

    >> From: cast01@netzspannung.org

    cast01 // living in mixed realities is open for registration now!

    September 21-22, 2001 // Schloss Birlinghoven // Sankt Augustin near Bonn /=

    Dear friends and colleagues!

    We invite you to participate in the cast01 conference discussing intersecti=
    of artistic, cultural, technological and scientific issues of:

    Living in Mixed Realities

    cast01 demonstrates outstanding examples of research, technological
    development and artistic production in the form of research papers and
    artistic presentations as well as blueprints and posters about ideas still
    under development.

    Internationally well known keynote speakers like Roy Ascott, Bill Buxton,
    Manfred Fa=DFler, Perry Hoberman, Natalie Jeremijenko will navigate you
    through the two-days field of inspiring new concepts in the ambience of
    Birlinghoven castle in Sankt Augustin near Bonn, Germany.

    Highlights of the conference are the launch of the Internet platform for me=
    art and culture "netzspannung.org" and the initiative >digital sparks<
    presenting current projects of German media education.

    The cast01 Conference team wants you to be part of "Living in Mixed Realiti=

    Registration for cast01 has already started. There is a limited number of s=
    Register online: http://netzspannung.org/cast01=20
    Registration by fax: http://netzspannung.org/cast01/cast01_register.pdf

    Please make use of the early registration deadline (August 15, 2001) to
    benefit from lower fee.

    Basis conference fee:
    Until August 15, 2001 350.- DM (178.95 EURO)
    >From August 16, 2001 500.- DM (255.65 EURO)

    Until August 15, 2001 100.- DM (51.13 EURO)
    >From August 16, 2001 150.- DM (76.69 EURO)

    For more information about the program, the speakers, the registration
    conditions and the location, please visit the conference website
    or contact us: cast01@netzspannung.org

    We are looking forward to seeing you at the cast01 conference!

    Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss
    cast01 Conference Chairs

            Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 15:40:59 -0500 (EST)
            From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@parallel.park.uga.edu

    >> From: Mariet Theune <theune@cs.utwente.nl>


                       Twelfth CLIN Meeting
           (Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands)
                       Friday, 30 November, 2001
                    Department of Computer Science
                         University of Twente

    We are happy to announce the twelfth CLIN meeting, which will be hosted
    by the Parlevink language engineering group at the University of Twente.
    The goal of the CLIN meeting is to bring together the Computational
    Linguistics research community in the Netherlands (in the broadest
    possible sense of the words `Netherlands', `computational' and
    `linguistics'). The talks at the CLIN meeting are short, informal, and
    cover many diverse subareas of the field. The languages of the
    conference will be Dutch and English.

    The guest speaker of CLIN 2001 is

                  Dr. David Traum
          University of Southern California,
                Marina del Rey (USA)

    The topic of his talk will be announced later.

    Researchers are invited to present papers on all aspects of
    computational linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax,
    semantics, pragmatics, machine
    translation, computational lexicography, formal languages, grammar
    formalisms, information retrieval, information extraction, text mining,
    knowledge representation, parsing and generation, dialogue management,
    embodied conversational agents, corpus-oriented methods, etc.).

    Authors should submit an abstract in English or Dutch (preferably by
    e-mail, in flat ASCII). The abstract should contain:

    - a title
    - your name, address, affiliation, and e-mail address
    - a short outline of the paper (10-20 lines)

    You can send your abstract to: clin@cs.utwente.nl

    or, if email is not possible, to:

    CLIN 2001,
    TKI secretariat (Parlevink)
    University of Twente
    Department of Computer Science
    P.O. Box 217
    7500 AE Enschede
    The Netherlands

    Deadline for submission: 28 September 2001.
    Notification of acceptance: 13 October 2001.

    The local organisation committee of this year's meeting consists of
    Anton Nijholt, Mariet Theune, and Charlotte Bijron.

    A volume with proceedings of the eleventh CLIN meeting (held 3 November
    2000, in Tilburg) will be available at this year's meeting. We intend to
    produce a volume of the proceedings of CLIN 2001 before CLIN 2002.
    Papers for these proceedings will have to be written in English; they
    will be reviewed by a committee to be appointed in due time.

    This and future information about CLIN 2001 will be made available via
    the CLIN home page: http://www.let.rug.nl/%7Evannoord/clin/clin.html

    or the CLIN 2001 home page:

            Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 15:41:32 -0500 (EST)
            From: Francois Lachance <lachance@chass.utoronto.ca>
            Subject: 2001 TOHE Call for Proposals
                         International Online Conference on
                         Teaching Online in Higher Education
                      "Synthesizing Online Teaching Strategies"
                                 November 12-14, 2001
               Preconference Web Site: http://www.ipfw.edu/as/2001tohe/
     ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
     Proposals are due August 20, 2001.

            Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 15:42:34 -0500 (EST)
            From: Steven Totosy <totosy@lib.purdue.edu>
            Subject: CFP: Michael Ondaatje

    Call for Papers: Papers on Michael Ondaatje's work are invited for
    possible publication in a collected volume published by Guernica Editions
    in its Canadian Writers series. Please send papers of 6,000 words, MLA
    format with works cited (no footnotes or end notes) by e-mail only to
    Steven Totosy at totosy@lib.purdue.edu

    Steven Totosy (list of publications at http://clcwebjournal.lib.purdue.edu/totosycv.html )
    Editor, CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture: A WWWeb Journal
    Purdue University Press at http://clcwebjournal.lib.purdue.edu/
    E-mail <totosy@lib.purdue.edu> Phone 781-729-1680

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