15.133 Guide to Digital Resources for the Humanities

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Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 19:34:18 EDT

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    >> From: "Patrick Conner" <pconner@wvu.edu>

    Dear Willard,

    Because it's relevant to HUMANIST and to humanists (AND we're giving a =
    discount), I hope you'll permit me to inform the online humanities =
    computing community of the publication of :

    HUMANITIES in its new, revised first edition by West Virginia University =

    By Frances Condron, Michael Frazer, and Stuart Sutherland in the Humanities=
     Computing Unit at Oxford with an introduction by Marilyn Deegan, this is =
    -- as Roy Johnson said in his review of the first edition in the Mantext =
    Newsletter --

    " . . . a wonderfully rich compilation . . . Much of this software =
    [described herein] is built on years of research, and will be around for =
    years to come. . . . If you are in the business of delivering online =
    resources for study in the humanities, your digital mouth will water when =
    you see what is on offer here." (April, 2001)

    I hope humanists will check out the fuller description on the web page at =


    The date of publication is September 15, 2001, and the pre-publication =
    discount is good only until then.=20

    380 pages, bibliography, index; 9" x 6" paperback.=20
    Regularly $35.00=20

    Now (until September 15) $28.00 with
    pre-publication discount (20%)

    Thanks so much. =20
    Pat Conner

    Patrick W. Conner, Director
    West Virginia University Press
    P.O. Box 6295, West Virginia Univ.
    Morgantown, WV 26506-6295

     Voice: 304.293.3107 x431
     Fax: 304.293.5380
     Email: pconner@wvu.edu
     Web page: www.as.wvu.edu/press

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