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Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 21:49:21 EDT

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                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 15, No. 129.
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      [1] From: Michael Fraser <mikef@ermine.ox.ac.uk> (41)
            Subject: Humbul - Interoperability Officer

      [2] From: "Alyssa Theodore" <ajtheodore@earthlink.net> (22)
            Subject: Creator of digital collections has job opening for
                    Production Manager

            Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 21:30:55 -0500 (EST)
            From: Michael Fraser <mikef@ermine.ox.ac.uk>
            Subject: Humbul - Interoperability Officer

    >> From: Michael Fraser <mikef@ermine.ox.ac.uk>

    Oxford University Computing Services
    Humbul Humanities Hub


    Interoperability Officer
    Grade: RS1A
    Salary: 16,775 - 25,213 (under review)

    Two year post

    The Humbul Humanities Hub (http://www.humbul.ac.uk/) is seeking an
    Interoperability Officer to lead the technical development of an online
    humanities portal. Humbul is part of the national Resource Discovery
    Network (RDN) and based at Oxford's Humanities Computing Unit

    You will be responsible for implementing and developing technical
    solutions to cross-search remote databases, control authentication and
    enable community services. You will be comfortable liaising with
    data-providers, related services and end-users.

    We expect you to have a relevant degree or equivalent experience; a
    working knowledge of languages or tools for developing online information
    systems (e.g. PHP, XML, JAVA or Perl); and be familiar with emerging
    technologies for interoperability and resource discovery (e.g. Z39.50,
    Open Archives Initiative, DOI, OpenURL, RDF, RSS).

    You should also be enthusiastic about the use of digital resources within
    humanities subjects, communicate well at all levels, and be comfortable
    working within a project environment.

    Please obtain further details and an application form from Mrs Sue
    Crowley, Oxford University Computing Services, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2
    6NN. (tel: 01865-273229, email: sue.crowley@oucs.ox.ac.uk). Details are
    also available at http://www.humbul.ac.uk/about/recruit.html

    Completed applications must be received by 4.00 pm on 27th July 2001.
    Interviews will be held in early August.

    Dr Michael Fraser
    Head of Humbul Humanities Hub
    Humanities Computing Unit, OUCS
    University of Oxford
    13 Banbury Road
    Oxford OX2 6NN
    Tel: 01865 283 343
    Fax: 01865 273 275

    --[2]------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 21:32:41 -0500 (EST) From: "Alyssa Theodore" <ajtheodore@earthlink.net> Subject: Creator of digital collections has job opening for Production Manager

    >> From: "Alyssa Theodore" <ajtheodore@earthlink.net> Ad Fontes, an Alexandria, VA-based e-publishing company ( <http://www.ad-fontes.com/> www.ad-fontes.com) that develops fully searchable databases for scholars in the field of religious studies, has an opening for a Production Manager. Key responsibilities include developing a DTD (document type definition) for the texts in our lead collection, the Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts. The manager will also create subject thesauri and controlled vocabularies, manage the flow of mark-up and indexing information from source to server, and advise our technology development partners on search and presentation requirements. Candidates must have prior experience with the electronic text conversion process. Knowledge of the field of religious studies is preferred. For consideration, please email a resume with salary requirements to: pcooper@ad-fontes.com. Please circulate this notice (found also in this past Sunday's Washington Post) to anyone you think might be qualified and interested. Thanks much, Alyssa Theodore Associate Editor Ad Fontes, LLC

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