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             Subject: FUNDING: Good House Outcome for the Cultural Agencies

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    June 25, 2001

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    22 June 2001


    TO: NHA Member and Friends
    FR: John Hammer and Jessica Jones

    RE: Good House Outcome for the Cultural Agencies

    As reported yesterday, the House agreed 221-193 to New York Democrat Louise
    Slaughter's amendment to increase funding for the cultural agencies in
    FY-2002. The amendment co-sponsored by Norm Dicks (D/WA), Steve Horn
    (R/CA), and Nancy Johnson (R/CT) provides increases for NEH of $3 million;
    NEA $10 million, and IMLS $2 million. 31 yes voters were Republicans. We
    want to take this opportunity to thank the members of the humanities
    community who conveyed constituent support for the agencies to their
    representatives. This is the first time the agencies have emerged from the
    House debate with increases.
    Long-time NEA critic Cliff Stearns (R/FL) offered an amendment to cut the
    entire $10 million from NEA only. After a brief debate, the Stearns
    amendment was soundly rejected by a vote of 145 to 264. This was an
    important vote because it provides even more conclusive evidence that the
    changes that NEA has undertaken -- some under Congressional direction, some
    not -- have now garnered a comfortable majority of support in the
    House. Reportedly, Stearns increased his amendment from $2 million to $10
    million at the behest of the House GOP leadership.

    The overall interior bill, now numbered (H.R. 2217), passed the House last
    night 376-32. The action on the bill moves now to the newly Democrat-run
    Senate where Robert Byrd (D-WV) is chair of the Interior and Related
    Agencies Subcommittee as well as the full Appropriations Committee.

    The following table summarizes budget steps to date for the agencies:

    Table: Cultural Agency Appropriations, FY 2001-2002
    ....... (in millions of dollars)
    ........... FY-2001 ..... FY-2002 ..... FY-2002
    ............ Approp ... President ....... House

    NEH ........ 120.0 ....... 120.5 ....... 123.5
    NEA ........ 105.0 ....... 105.2 ....... 115.2
    IMLS ........ 24.9 ........ 24.9 ........ 26.9


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