15.093 accuracy rates for proof-reading

From: by way of Willard McCarty (willard@lists.village.Virginia.EDU)
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 07:13:24 EDT

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             Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2001 12:08:21 +0100
             From: "J. Randolph Radney" <radney@uniserve.com>
             Subject: RE: 15.086 proof-reading standards/methods?

    I believe the accuracy rates reported elsewhere, to the effect that .005
    error rate gives 1000 pages of errors per 200K pages is inaccurate to the
    actual rate reported to be guaranteed by the vendor. A rate of 99.995%
    would allow only 5 pages of errors per 100K pages of text, or 10 pages of
    errors per month. The error seems to be that a rate of .005 is actually
    only 99.5% accurate, whereas the 99.995% rate would actually represent an
    error of .00005 (or 5/100,000).

    It would be interesting to know how this rate compares with any existing
    publication standards (for example, this seems remarkably low compared to
    the editorial standards for most newsprint--though I would hardly advocate
    that as a standard for archival accuracy!). My impression, though, is that
    such a standard is probably acceptable for a wide range of scholarly
    journals in the humanities.


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