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    A little late, but I thought readers might be interested in this alliance
    between the Art Museum Network and Reuters to provide two forms of arts
    news service via the Art Museum Network.

    David Green

    >New York, April 23, 2001-The Art Museum Network (AMN) and Reuters, the
    >global information, news and technology group, announced today the launch
    >of a project to establish an online fine arts information report in
    >conjunction with the Whitney Museum of American Art, which hosts the AMN
    >website. The joint project will provide access for journalists, other
    >Reuters subscribers and, this fall, the entire online public to the latest
    >in art news.
    >At the heart of the project will be the development by Reuters of the AMN
    >Fine Arts Report-an online report that will provide information on
    >exhibitions and special events at fine arts museums around the world. This
    >report will be marketed to any online publisher interested in providing
    >readers with information about fine arts exhibits and events.
    >Katharine Lee Reid, director of the Cleveland Museum of Art and President
    >of the Association of Art Museum Directors, noted: "The efforts of the Art
    >Museum Network-from providing public access to tens of thousands of images
    >of works of art to jointly indexing the exhibition calendars of many of
    >the world's leading art museums-will now be expanded to include news. The
    >Cleveland Museum of Art, like dozens of other art museums supporting
    >AMN.org, is excited about what this can mean to our institution in getting
    >the word out about how we serve our audiences and the collections they
    >come to see."
    >Whitney Director Maxwell L. Anderson commented, "The recent Forbes 'Best
    >of the Web' story that singled out artmuseumnetwork.org as the best
    >solution for exploring art museums online has increased traffic, and this
    >partnership will multiply viewer traffic exponentially. We are delighted
    >that Reuters has agreed to open this service to all 200 museums in the Art
    >Museum Network. It's an extraordinary opportunity for the public to become
    >further engaged in what is happening at art museums around the world."
    >Tom Glocer, CEO-designate of Reuters, said: "Reuters news and information
    >is used by over 70 million people through Reuters' own services to the
    >financial markets as well as our online reports available over 1,400
    >websites. We are very pleased to make the AMN Fine Arts Report available
    >as a complement to our financial, general and specialty news services."
    >The agreement will unfold in two phases. In Phase One, each museum
    >belonging to AMN will provide press releases to Reuters, which will then
    >redistribute the releases to online clients. For further information on
    >each press release, the user will be able to go directly to
    >http://www.artmuseumnetwork.org. In Phase Two, in the fall of 2001, the
    >Art Museum Network will create a database of all press releases for use by
    >the online public. The database will be searchable by topic, institution,
    >city, date, etc.
    >The Art Museum Network was founded in 1996 as the Internet/broadcast arm
    >of the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD), the oldest and most
    >respected professional museum association in the world. Currently hosted
    >by the Whitney Museum of American Art, AMN is the official website of a
    >consortium of over 200 of the world's leading art museums, including The
    >Metropolitan Museum of Art and the British Museum. AMN, a not-for-profit
    >effort, links content from the AAMD's 170 North American members and 40 or
    >so of the largest museums in Europe and Asia, stretching from the
    >Hermitage to the Louvre, and from the Berlin Museum to the Prado. Each
    >museum is directly connected to AMN and is able to furnish up-to-date
    >exhibition information on a daily basis, which is automatically made
    >available on the Internet from AMN.
    >Reuters supplies the global financial markets and news media with a wide
    >range of information products, including real-time financial data,
    >collective investment data, news, graphics, news video and news pictures.
    >In addition to supplying the financial markets, about 73 million unique
    >visitors per month have access to Reuters content on some 1,400 Internet
    >websites. Reuters is the world's largest international text and television
    >news agency, with 2,157 journalists, photographers and camera operators in
    >190 bureaus, serving 151 countries. In 2000 the Group had revenues of
    >3.59 billion ($5.4 billion) and on December 31, 2000, the Group employed
    >18,082 staff in 204 cities in 100 countries.


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