15.084 what computing humanists should know

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Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 04:24:51 EDT

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             Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 09:16:08 +0100
             From: Matt Kirschenbaum <mgk@pop.uky.edu>
             Subject: Re: 15.065 obstacles &c to humanities computing

    Francois Lachance:

    >[H]ow many
    >subscribers who do or have done work in activities touching upon
    >computing in the humanities can lay claim to possessing the basic skill
    >set outlined in any or all of the lists that have been proposed recently
    >for the trouseau of accomplishments to be possessed by a graduate of a
    >degree program in humanities computing? I, for one, do not. Nor am I in a
    >position to acquire them soon.

    Good lists are heuristic devices, not policing devices. The lists posted
    here were shorthand representations of various views of what humanities
    computing is, and thus useful provocations. One of the lists, for example,
    exposed a blind spot with regard to visual and aural media---and so a
    discussion ensued. I don't think there were any higher (or lower) motives
    in play.

    That said, I don't think anyone here ought to be ashamed of putting out on
    the table what they think a computing humanist ought to know; given the
    various degree programs (and curricula) that are beginning to emerge, this
    is an important and timely conversation to be having. And to say that
    humanities computing is so utterly fluid and multifaceted as to resist
    every attempt at curricula codification is not helpful in my view, as it
    only serves to mystify what we do and what we have to teach. (Francois did
    not say this, but I have heard the notion aired in other venues.)

    Best, Matt

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