15.075 new book: Robustness in Language and Speech Technology

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             From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
             Subject: Robustness in Language and Speech Technology

    >> From: Jean Veronis <Jean.Veronis@newsup.univ-mrs.fr>

    **** NEW BOOK *** NEW BOOK *** NEW BOOK *** NEW BOOK *** NEW BOOK ****

                              KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                                     Volume 17
                    Series editors: Nancy Ide and Jean V=E9ronis


                                    edited by

                               Jean-Claude Junqua
             Speech Technology Laboratory, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

                                Gertjan van Noord
                    University of Groningen, The Netherlands

    In this book we address robustness issues at the speech recognition and
    natural language parsing levels, with a focus on feature extraction and
    noise robust recognition, adaptive systems, language modeling, parsing, and
    natural language understanding. This book attempts to give a clear overview
    of the main technologies used in language and speech processing, along with
    an extensive bibliography to enable topics of interest to be pursued
    further. It also brings together speech and language technologies often
    considered separately.

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