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             Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 07:44:43 +0100
             From: Lindsay Tuck <L.C.Tuck@exeter.ac.uk>
             Subject: Re: CALL Conference


    EXETER CALL 2001

    September 1- 3 2001

    Conference on CALL - The Challenge of Change


    This will be the ninth biennial conference to be held in Exeter on Computer
    Assisted Language Learning (CALL). Previous conferences have allowed not
    only experts in the field, but all interested parties, to meet and discuss
    problems and progress in CALL in a relaxed atmosphere.... To mark the
    opening of the Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies, the conference will
    be followed by an optional workshop on 'Arabic meeting the challenge of
    CALL' on the afternoon of September 3.


    1 'New Techniques for New Students : Adapting Language Instruction to
    Monique Adriaen, Roberta Sinyor
    York University, Canada

    2 'Extensions to Computer-Assisted Oral Reading to Help Children Learn
    Gregory Aist Carnegie Mellon University, USA

    3 'Applying HCI Principles to CALL design'
                    Paul Allum Japan

    4 'Investigating Syntax Priming in an E-mail Tandem Language Learning
                    Christine Appel, Carl Vogel Dublin City University, Ireland

    5 'Utilising ICT Resources for ELT in Technical Institutions : a case
    study of India'
                    K M Baharul Islam Kigali, Ruanda

    6 'Integrating IT in English Language Curriculae'
                    Inas Barsoum
    Ain Shams University, Cairo

    7 'Reading Comprehension : CALL and NLP'
                    Caroline Barriere, Lise Duquette
    University of Ottawa, Canada

    8 'The Chronicle of ATLAS or Keeping Pace with Change'
                    Ilse Bockstael, Jozef Colpaert, Wilfried Decoo, Linde Van Ishoven Belgium

    9 'Conversation Classes Across Europe: A Challenge For Video Conferencing'
                    John Buckett, Naciketa Datta, Derek Lewis, Hartmut Plehn, Peter Ruff,
    Gary Stringer, Peter Tscherner, Werner Wegstein University of Exeter,
    England and University of Wuerzburg, Germany

    10 'Shared Electronic Spaces for Constructing Written Russian'
                    Lydia Buravova, Jane Hughes
    University College London, England

    11 'An Experiment In Computerised Teaching of English as a Second Language'
                    Evelyne Cauvin
    12 'Web Server Based Architectures for Language Learning: LARFLAST Agents
    generating CALL Dialogues'.
                    Stefano Cerri, Svetlana Dikareva,
    Daniele Maraschi, Stefan Trausan Matu
    Montpellier (F), Bucharest (RO), Simferopol (UK)

    13 'British Higher Education and the 21st Century'
                    Catherine Chabert
    Cardiff University, Wales

    14 'Language Learning with Native Speakers in a MOO Community : Real or
                    Lien Goedeme
    University of Antwerp, Belgium

    15 'Using CALL to Change Student Learning'
                    Randall P Donaldson, Margaret Haggstrom
    US Embassy, Paris and USA

    16 'EFL Acquisition Through Computer Support : A Practical Proposal'
                    Patricia Edwards, Mercedes Rico
    University of Extremadura and University of Merida, Spain

    17 'Guidance and Autonomy: A Web-Coordinated Course for Students in
            Faina Furman, Isabella Kreindler
    University of Haifa, Israel

    18 'What Factors Affect The Use Of Computers In The EFL/EAP Setting?'
                    Rehab Ghazal
    American University in Cairo, Egypt

    19 'CALL Material for Engineering'
                    M. Perera Goma, Miguel Mora, Asuncion Pastor

    20 'What Constitutes a Good Internet Research Project'
                    Hideto Harashima
    Maebashi I.T., Japan

    21 'User-Centred Sound Authoring on the Web : New Scopes to Meet the
    Interactive Challenge'
                    Dominique Hemard
    London Guildhall University, England

    22 'Can We Have More Customised CD-Roms Please?'
                    Martin Herles, Ruth Trinder
    Vienna University of Economics, Austria

    23 'Change Management and Implementation : Empowering the Tutor Through
    Informed Choice'
                    Sue Hewer, Lesley Shield
    The Open University, England

    24 'Web-Based Learning System for Sociolinguistic Skills in Japanese'
                    Naoya Hirata, Yasuschi Inoguchi, Hiroshi Kamiyama,
    Yoshiyuki Kawazoe, Yoshiro Ogawara, Izumi Saita
    Tohoku University, Japan

    25 'Learning Foreign Languages Together With Others Across the Internet'
                    Shirley Holst, Jutta Maria Fleschutz
    Darmstadt, Germany

    26 'CALL Labs : Have They Run Their Course?'
                    Lawrie Hunter
    Kochi University of Technology, Japan

    27 'Effective Use of 'Web CALL' in TEFL
                    Jun Iwata
    Matsue N. C. T., Japan

    28 'Implementing a Web-Based Course for Ab Initio Students of German'
                    Paul Joyce, Derek Lewis
    University of Exeter, England

    30 'Word Processors in an English as a Foreign Language : Context Writing
    Strategies in a Revised Text : A Qualitative Analysis'
                    Olga Kehagia
    University of Thessaly, Greece

    31 'Music, Language and the Foreign Language Learner: Creating Learning
    Space with CALL Software'
                    Charles King
    Colorado, USA

    32 'Teaching Students to Find Internet Resources Related to Culture'
                    Kenji & Kathleen Kitao
    Doshisha University, Japan

    33 'Online Lessons - Using the Internet to Help the Coursebook'
                    Jarek Krajka
    Lublin, Poland

    34 'Teacher Belief Systems Towards Computer-Mediated Language Learning:
    College ESL Instruction'
                    Geoff Lawrence
    University of Toronto, Canada

    35 Electronic Role-Play as a Means for Collaborative Construction of
    Knowledge On-Line
                    Christine Leahy
    Nottingham Trent University, England

    36 'Integration of CD-Roms Produced by the Language Instructor into the
    Language Curriculum - A Canterbury Innovation'
                    Vera Leier
    University of Canterbury, New Zealand

    37 'From Symptoms to Diagnosis'
                    Geoff Lessard, Michael Levison
    Queen's University, Canada

    38 'Bridging the Gulf Between Language Teachers and Computers - How to
    Expend Understanding and Promote Competent and Successful Use of CALL In
    Your Institution'
                    Sarah Levi
    Walworth Barbour American School, Israel

    39 'Coherence and Direction in CALL Research'
                    Michael Levy
    University of Queensland, Australia

    40 'Innovations in CALL: Are Teachers Managing It?
                    Jamaluddin Mohaidin, Norhisham Mohamad
    University Sains, Malaysia
    41 'EASE: A Multi-Media Materials Development Project'
                    Hilary Nesi
    University of Warwick, England

    42 'Network-Based Language Learning At Coventry University: Managing
    Change Via WebCT'
                    Marina Orsini-Jones
    Coventry University, England

    43 'Human Instructor/Virtual Tutor : Replacement or Replication?'
                    Timothy F Pope
    University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

    44 'The Cloud Around Development and Exploiting CALL Material'
                    Christine Sabieh
    Notre Dame University, Lebanon

    45 'Online Filmography'
                    Michael Shawback, Mitch Terhune
    Ritsumeikan University, Japan

    46 'Orality in MOO: Rehearsing Speech in Text'
                    Lesley Shield, Markus Weininger
    The Open University, England

    47 'Graded Reading System on Line'
                    Tadashi Shiozawa
    Chubu University, Japan

    48 'CALL - A Way to Solve Some of the Language Learning / Teaching
    Problems in Tertiary Education in South Africa'
                    Michelle Sprackett

    49 'Using Electronic Dictionaries as CALL Material'
                    Cornelia Tschichold
    University of Neuchtel, Switzerland

    50 'Designing a Multimedia Feedback Tool for Developing Oral Skills'
                    Michio Tsutsui, Masashi Kato,
    University of Washington, USA

    51 'The Future, Electronic English Learner's Dictionary'
                    Birgit Winkler
    The Open University, England

    52 'Change Management In Moving Towards On-Line Learning In Higher Education'
                    Masoud Yazdani
    University of the West of England

    53 'Web-Based Instruction for Interactive Learning in Reading Class'
                    Helen Shu-Chin Yen

    54 'Real Media-Based Language Instruction for CALL Environments'
                    Yuichiro Yoshinari
    Tokyo, Japan

    55 'Short and Long-Term Memory Feedback in CALL'
                    George Ypsilandis
    University of Macedonia, Greece


    56 'Teaching and Learning Danish in a Virtual Department'
                    Jane Hughes, Claire McAvinia, Jannie Roed
    University College London, England


    57 'Internet-Based Teaching of Arabic as a Second Language'
    Ibrahim Suliman Ahmed
    International Islamic University, Malaysia

    58 'Changing Teacher Roles and Input-Feedback Medium: Authorware and
    Web-Based-Assisted Learning of Arabic as a Foreign Language'
    Mohammed T. Alhawary
    American University, Washington, USA

    59 'Arabic CALL: Lessons from the Past, Opportunities for the Future'
                    R. Kirk Belap
    Brigham Young, Provo, USA

    60 'The Use of Java Programming Language in Solving Problems Associated
    with Producing CALL Material in Arabic'
                    Steve Cushion, Dominique Hemard
    London Guildhall University, England

    61 'CALL and Students' Motivation: A Case Study at the Department of
    Arabic Language and Literature at IIUM-Malaysia'
    IIUM, Malaysia
    62 'Arabic Grammar on the Internet'
                    Helle Nielsen
    University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

    63 'Developing a Website for Teaching Arabic: Technical Issues'
                    Iman Saad, Heba Salem
    American University in Cairo, Egypt

    Thank you


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