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    >> From: Ruslan Mitkov <R.Mitkov@wlv.ac.uk>


    As previously announced, John Benjamins Publishers
    launched a new book series on Natural Language Processing as
    a timely response to the growing demand for NLP literature.
    The first book of the series which covers Computational
    Pragmatics and is edited by H. Bunt and B. Black (see below)
    came out several months ago; a volume on Computational
    Terminology edited by D. Bourigault, C. Jacquemin and
    M.C. L=92Homme as well as a monograph on automatic
    summarisation by I. Mani will appear soon.

    The editor of the book series is Ruslan Mitkov (R.Mitkov@wlv.ac.uk);
    managing editor at John Benjamins is Kees Vaes (kees.vaes@benjamins.nl).
    See http://www.wlv.ac.uk/~le1825/NLP_series.htm for more details.

    Abduction, Belief and Context in Dialogue.
    Studies in computational pragmatics.=20

    BUNT, Harry and William BLACK (eds.)=20

    Natural Language Processing 1

    Table of contents

    The ABC of Computational Pragmatics
         Harry Bunt and Bill Black

    The activity-based approach to pragmatics
         Jens Allwood

    Dialogue pragmatics and context specification
         Harry Bunt

    Pragmatics in language understanding and cognitively motivated architectures
         Gerard Sabah

    Dialogue analysis using layered protocols
         Martin Taylor and David Waugh

    Coherence and structure in text and discourse
         Gisela Redeker

    Discourse focus tracking
          David Carter

    Speech act theory and epistemic planning
         Allan Ramsay

    Context and form: declarative or interrogative, that is the question
         Robert-Jan Beun

    The doxastic-epistemic force of declarative utterance
         Elias Thijsse

    A conceptual modelling approach to the implementation of beliefs and inte=
         Ralph Meyer

    Abduction or induction: a real distinction?
         Philip Neal

    Laconic discourses and total eclipses: abduction in DICE
         Jon Oberlander and Alex Lascarides

    Abductive reasoning with knowledge bases or context modelling
         Ahmed Guessoum and John Gallagher

    Abductive speech act recognition, corporate agents and the COSMA system
         Elizabeth Hinkelman and Stephen Spackman;=20

    \\\ Ruslan Mitkov, PhD=20
    /// Professor of Computational Linguistics and Language Engineering=20
    \\\ School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences=20
    /// University of Wolverhampton=20
    \\\ Stafford St.=20
    /// Wolverhampton WV1 1SB=20
    \\\ United Kingdom=20
    /// Telephone (44-1902) 322471=20
    \\\ Fax (44-1902) 322739=20
    /// Email R.Mitkov@wlv.ac.uk
    \\\ Website http://www.wlv.ac.uk/~le1825/=20

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