7.0619 CALL FOR PAPERS: PACLING '95 (1/191)

Tue, 26 Apr 1994 06:33:40 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0619. Tuesday, 26 Apr 1994.

Date: Wed, 13 Apr 1994 22:22:37 +1000
From: sussex@lingua.cltr.uq.oz.au (Prof. Roly Sussex)
Subject: request to post to Humanist


(Second Circular)

Pacific Association for Computational Linguistics
2nd Conference

April 19-22 (Wed-Sat) 1995
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


PACLING (= Pacific Association for Computational
LINGuistics) has grown out of the very successful Japan-
Australia joint symposia on natural language processing
(NLP) held in November 1989 in Melbourne, Australia and in
October 1991 in Iizuka City, Japan. The first meeting of
the retitled PACLING, a name designed to express the wider
membership, took place in Vancouver, Canada in April 1993.

PACLING '95 will be a low-profile, high-quality, workshop-
oriented meeting whose aim is to promote friendly
scientific relations among Pacific Rim countries, with
emphasis on interdisciplinary scientific exchange showing
openness towards good research falling outside current
dominant "schools of thought," and on technological
transfer within the Pacific region. The conference is a
unique forum for scientific and technological exchange,
being smaller than ACL, COLING or Applied NLP, and also
more regional with extensive representation from the
Western Pacific (as well as the Eastern).


Original papers are invited on any topic in computational
linguistics (and strongly related areas) including (but not
limited to) the following:

Language subjects:
text, speech;
pragmatics, discourse, semantics, syntax,
lexicon, morphology, phonology, phonetics;
language and communication channels,
e.g., touch, movement, vision, sound;
language and input/output devices,
e.g., keyboards, menus, touch screens,
mice, light pens, graphics (incl. animation);
language and context,
e.g., from the subject domain, discourse,
spatial and temporal deixis.

Approaches and architectures:
computational linguistic,
multi-modal but natural-language centred;
formal, knowledge-based, statistical, connectionist;
dialogue, user, belief or other model-based;
parallel/serial processing
corpora and large-text linguistics

text and message understanding and generation,
language translation and translation aids,
language learning and learning aids;
question-answering systems and interfaces to multi-
media databases
(text, audio/video, (geo)graphic);
terminals for Asian and other languages,
user interfaces;
natural language-based software.


Authors should prepare full papers, in English, not more than
5000 words including references, approximately 20 double-
spaced pages. The title page must include: author's name,
postal address, e-mail address (if applicable), telephone
and fax numbers; a brief 100-200 word summary; and some key
words for classifying the submission.

Please send four (4) copies of each submission to:

Christian Matthiessen
Department of Linguistics
University of Sydney
Sydney 2006

tel: +61 2 692 4227
fax: +61 2 552 1683
email: xian@brutus.ee.su.oz.au


Submission deadline: October 31st, 1994
Notification of acceptance: January 16th, 1995
Camera-ready copy due: March 1st, 1995


The Conference Committee Chair of PACLING'95 is
Roland Sussex
Centre for Language Teaching and Research
The University of Queensland
Queensland 4072

telephone: +61 7 365 6896
fax: +61 7 365 7077
email: sussex@lingua.cltr.uq.oz.au


The conference will take place at the Centre for Language
Teaching and Research of the University of Queensland in
Brisbane, Australia. We are negotiating preferential rates
from downtown hotels.

Delegates may wish to visit attractions like the Barrier
Reef, Australia's desert centre or tropical rain forests
before or after the Conference, and we shall be negotiating
with travel companies to provide tour and travel

For further information on the conference and on local
arrangements, contact

Hongliang Qiao
Centre for Language Teaching and Research
The University of Queensland
Queensland 4072

tel: +61 7 365 6897
fax: +61 7 365 7077
email: qiao@lingua.cltr.uq.oz.au


Organizing Committee
Naoyuki Okada (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
Naoyuki Okada (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
Christian Matthiessen (University of Sydney, Australia)*
Nick Cercone (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Charles Fillmore(University of California, Berkeley, USA)

Conference committee
Roland Sussex (University of Queensland, Australia)
Dan Fass(Simon Fraser University, Canada)*
Randy Goebel(University of Alberta, Canada)
Kiyoshi Kogure(NTT, Japan)*
Paul McFetridge(Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Jun-ichi Nakamura(Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
Minako O'Hagan(Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand)
Fred Popowich(Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Hiroshi Sakaki(KDD, Japan)
Stanley Starosta(University of Hawaii, USA)*
Roland Sussex(University of Queensland, Australia)
Masami Suzuki(KDD, Japan)
Hiroaki Tsurumaru(Nagasaki University, Japan)
* Program Coordinator