5.0816 NEACH on Nota Bene (1/50)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Fri, 3 Apr 1992 12:11:34 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0816. Friday, 3 Apr 1992.

Date: Thu, 2 Apr 92 22:35:28 EST
From: Heyward Ehrlich <ehrlich@andromeda.rutgers.edu>

An Invitation from NEACH
(Please forgive any multiple postings.)

The Northeast Association for Computers and the Humanities invites
you to attend its next meeting in New York City at the IBM Building,
57th Street & Madison Avenue on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1992, at 1:30 p.m.
for a panel and demonstration of two new word processing packages using
the XyWrite format, NOTA BENE 4.0 and SIGNATURE 1.0.
The featured presenters will be STEVE SIEBERT of Dragonfly
Software, who will demonstrate NOTA BENE 4.0 LINGUA with its extensive new
language capability, and CHRISTINE RIVERA of MicroDynamics Plus, who will
demonstrate XyQuest's new SIGNATURE program with its many new features and
graphical interface. Mr. Siebert will also demonstrate ORBIS, a new
textbase package designed to work with Nota Bene and Signature.
Other panelists will include ALLEN HILL of Skadden, Arps, who
will discuss Atex, the mainframe ancestor of XyWrite, and GEORGE VALLASI,
v.p. of Chernow Editorial and director of the New York XyWrite SIG,
who will discuss XyWrite III Plus.
XyWrite was for a long time time program of choice for writers,
journalists, editors, programmers, and typesetters. Nota Bene was
endorsed by the MLA and became a favorite of humanists and users of
multi-lingual writing software. Now Signature has been released to
replace XyWrite III Plus and as an upgrade path for IBM's Displaywrite.
Don't miss this unusual and exciting presentation.

NEACH Program Calendar for 1991-1992:

Wed. Oct. 9 Humanist & Women Writers Proj. Elaine Brennan, Humanist
Tues. Nov 12 The Writer's PC: New Horizons Judith Glassman, ex-Wolff
Wed. Dec. 11 Center for Electronic Texts Susan Hockey, CETH
Tues. Jan. 21 Global Network Resources Mary Sproule, Princeton
Wed. Feb. 12 Managing Textual Variants F. W. Wilson, Morgan Library
Tues. Mar. 10 Poetry & Natural Lang. Proc. Mary Dee Harris, Language Tech.
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Note: Formerly scheduled for April 8.
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Tues. May 5 Gutenberg Text Project Michael Hart, Exec. Dir.

All NEACH meetings are free and open to the public. Ask at the desk
when you enter the IBM Building for a pass to NEACH or HUMANITIES. For
information on NEACH membership, write ehrlich@andromeda.rutgers.edu.

Heyward Ehrlich, NEACH President