5.0754 Academic Computing Lists (1/87)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Tue, 10 Mar 1992 20:06:53 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0754. Tuesday, 10 Mar 1992.

Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1992 23:27 EDT
From: Diane Kovacs <LIBRK329@ksuvxa.kent.edu>
Subject: 4th Revision of the Directory of Scholarly E-conferences.

The 4th Revision of the Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences is
now available on the LISTSERV@KENTVM and via anonymous FTP from
KSUVXA.KENT.EDU (in the Library directory)

The files available are:
filename filetype
ACADLIST README (explanatory notes for the Directory with an index)
ACADLIST FILE1 (Anthropology-Education)
ACADLIST FILE2 (Futurology-Latin American Studies)
ACADLIST FILE3 (Library and Information Science-Music)
ACADLIST FILE4 (Political Science-Writing)
ACADLIST FILE5 (biological sciences)
ACADLIST FILE6 (physical sciences)
ACADLIST FILE7 (business and general academia)

ACADWHOL HQX (binhexed self-decompressing Macintosh M.S. Word 4.0 document
of all 6 directories)
ACADSOCH HQX (binhexed self-decompressing Macintosh M.S. Word 4.0 document
of the Social Science and Humanities files 1-3)

ACADLIST CHANGES (all the major additions, deletions and alterations)

Please let me know about any corrections or updates. Also please get and
read the ACADLIST README file if you want to know what the guidelines for
inclusion were. The 5th revision won't be until Summer Break.
Directions for retrieving the files from Listserv@kentvm or FTPing them
from ksuvxa.kent.edu are appended to this note following my sig file.


Diane K. Kovacs - One of the Moderators of LIBREF-L
Instructor, Reference Librarian for the Humanities
Kent State University Libraries
Kent, Ohio 44242
Phone: (216)672-3045
Bitnet: DKOVACS@kentvm or LIBRK329@kentvms
Internet: DKOVACS@kentvm.kent.edu or LIBRK329@ksuvxa.kent.edu

How to retrieve files from the LISTSERV@KENTVM or via anonymous FTP

To retrieve files from the LISTSERV send the message

GET <filename> <filetype>

to the LISTSERV@KENTVM via interactive messaging or e-mail message
(leave the subject line *BLANK*)

To retrieve files via anonymous FTP from KSUVXA.KENT.EDU
you must have an e-mail account linked to the Internet and a system running
the TCP/IP. Ask your computer services people about your local situation.
FTP KSUVXA.KENT.EDU (at your dollar sign prompt (VAX) or ready screen
(IBM). If you are on another kind of system consult with your computer
services people to find out the proper procedure for FTPing.

When prompted for 'USERID' type ANONYMOUS your password will be your
actual userid on your local machine. e.g. my address is
LIBRK329@KSUVXA.KENT.EDU....so my password when FTPing is LIBRK329

Type: cd library

You may type 'dir' to review the files in that directory to get the files
just type GET <filename>.<filetype> (e.g., GET ACADLIST.FILE2)

FTPing causes files to be directly sent to your filelist or directory so their
is no need to 'receive' them into your account space.
How to receive files sent to you by the LISTSERV into your e-mail reader:
If your e-mail address is on a VAX VMS machine, when you get a message
that a file has arrived at your e-mail address....type "RECE *". This command
will put the file into your directory. You can then type "TYPE file_name" to
read the file. If your e-mail address is on an IBM VM CMS machine, either
use your mailer front end or type RLIST and RECEIVE the file into your FLIST.
Go into your FLIST to look at the file.

If your e-mail address is on a different kind of machine OR you are
using Profs or some other kind of similar mailing system....go ahead and try
the above commands. If they do not work, CALL YOUR COMPUTER SERVICES
OFFICE. The people there should be able to help you and/or hopefully give you a
manual for your mailing system commands.