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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0748. Monday, 9 Mar 1992.

(1) Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 09:22:37 -0500 (39 lines)
From: JCHE@UCS.umass.edu
Subject: Call for Papers

(2) Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1992 12:00 EST (41 lines)
Subject: _EJournal_

(3) Date: Sun, 8 Mar 92 15:07:34 PST (35 lines)
From: cbf@athena.berkeley.edu (Charles Faulhaber)
Subject: Textual criticism for medieval Romance literatures

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Date: Fri, 6 Mar 92 09:22:37 -0500
From: JCHE@UCS.umass.edu
Subject: Call for Papers



The Journal of Computing in Higher Education (JCHE) is an international journal
dedicated to the publication of scholarly articles that contribute to our
understanding of issues, problems, and research associated with information
technologies and their application in education.

Some topics for articles include, but are not limited to the following:
-Development of Novel Applications
-Hypermedia Design Strategies
-Authoring Tools for Hypermedia
-Evaluation of Hypermedia
-Intelligent Interfaces
-Expert Systems
-Use of Knowledge Bases
-User Interface Methodology
-Impact of Cognitive Psychology on Instructional Technology
-User Models
-Formal Models of Interactive Systems
-Information Management

Papers will be professionally reviewed. All papers should include a 150-200
word abstract, list of keywords, references, and paragraph about the author.
JCHE follows the stylistic guidelines of the Publication Manual of the
American Psychological Association.

Submit FIVE manuscript copies to: Carol B. MacKnight, JCHE Executive Editor,
Office of Instructional Technology, A115 Lederle Graduate Research Center,
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003. Tel.: (413) 545-4232;
Fax: (413) 545-3203, and E-mail: jche@ucs.umass.edu.
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Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1992 12:00 EST
Subject: _EJournal_

Announcing an Electronic Journal March 1992

_EJournal_ is a peer-reviewed, all-electronic, network distributed,
serial publication.
We are particularly interested in theory and practice surrounding the
creation, transmission, storage, interpretation, alteration and
replication of electronic "text," broadly defined.
We are also interested in the social, psychological, literary, economic,
pedagogical, philosophical and other ramifications of computer-mediated
Our review process is anonymous, all-electronic, and consensual.
We prefer brief, authentic, lively essays to exhaustive technical reports.
Single-essay issues appear as often as submissions are affirmatively
reviewed; there were four (free) distributions to subscribers in 1991.
There are two dozen consulting editors, in several disciplines, who
review submissions. Members of _EJournal_'s advisory board are:

Stevan Harnad, Princeton University
Dick Lanham, University of California at Los Angeles
Ann Okerson, Association of Research Libraries
Joe Raben, City University of New York
Bob Scholes, Brown University
Harry Whitaker, University of Quebec at Montreal

To subscribe to _EJournal_, send a mail message to listserv@albnyvm1.bitnet
containing as its only line the command:

subscribe ejrnl your_first_name your_last_name

Information about getting back issues will accompany the "Welcome"
message sent to people who subscribe.

Please send submissions for editorial consideration to our "office" at:


Ted Jennings, Editor, Department of English, University at Albany/SUNY
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Date: Sun, 8 Mar 92 15:07:34 PST
From: cbf@athena.berkeley.edu (Charles Faulhaber)
Subject: Textual criticism for medieval Romance literatures

I am very pleased to announce that the mythical issue
of Romance Philology on the current state of textual
criticism in the medieval Romance literatures (vol. 45,
no. 1, August 1991; 249 pp.), has finally appeared.

In addition to reviews and review articles it contains
the following:

Mary Speer: Editing Old French Texts in the Eighties: Theory & Practice
Cesare Segre & Gian Battista Speroni: Filologia testuale e letteratura
italiana del Medioevo
Alberto Blecua: Los textos medievales castellanos y sus ediciones
Germa'n Orduna: Ecdo'tica hispa'nica y el valor estema'tico de la
historia del texto
Francisco Marcos Mari'n: Computers and Text Editing: A Review of Tools,
an Introduction to UNITE and Some Observations Concerning its
Application to Old Spanish Texts
Charles B. Faulhaber: Textual Criticism in the 21st Century [on hypereditions]

The issue costs $7.50 individual or $14 institution (annual subscription
e ordered from:

Romance Philology
U. of California Press Journals
2120 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, CA 94720

Charles Faulhaber
UC Berkeley