5.0737 Announcements: M D Harris at NEACH; IPCT-L (2/88)

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Mon, 2 Mar 1992 16:22:02 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0737. Monday, 2 Mar 1992.

(1) Date: Sat, 29 Feb 92 16:05:45 EST (42 lines)
From: Heyward Ehrlich <ehrlich@andromeda.rutgers.edu>
Subject: Mary Dee Harris: March 10 NEACH

(2) Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1992 10:00 EST (46 lines)
From: "Zane Berge, Ph.D." <BERGE@GUVAX.BITNET>
Subject: IPCT-L@GUVM

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Date: Sat, 29 Feb 92 16:05:45 EST
From: Heyward Ehrlich <ehrlich@andromeda.rutgers.edu>
Subject: Mary Dee Harris: March 10 NEACH

An Invitation from NEACH

NEACH: The Northeast Association for Computers and the
Humanities--a regional affilate of ACH: Association for Computers
and the Humanities--invites you to attend its monthly meetings in
New York City at the IBM Building, 57th Street & Madison Avenue.

On Tuesday, March 10, 1992, MARY DEE HARRIS will talk on
"Poetry and Natural Language Processing," an investigation of significant
recent work in the fields of philosophy, metaphor, cognition, and
computer processing. Don't miss this exciting event.

Dr. Harris is the author of _Introduction to Natural Language
Processing_, has taught computer science for a decade and in the English
department at Georgetown University, and is a consultant to government
and industry in the Washington, D.C., area for Language Technology.
She was President of ACH from 1982 to 1985 and has been a contributor to
NEH, NSF, and many professional computer organizations. She may be
reached by e-mail at mdharris@guvax.georgetown.edu or mdharris@guvax.bitnet.

All NEACH meetings are free and open to the public. Ask at the desk
when you enter the IBM Building for a pass to "NEACH" or "HUMANITIES."

NEACH Program Calendar for 1991-1992:

Wed. Oct. 9 Humanist & Women Writers Project Elaine Brennan, Humanist
Tues. Nov 12 The Writer's PC: New Horizons Judith Glassman, ex-Wolff
Wed. Dec. 11 Center for Electronic Texts Susan Hockey, CETH
Tues. Jan. 21 Global Network Resources Mary Sproule, Princeton
Wed. Feb. 12 Managing Textual Variants F. W. Wilson, Morgan Lib.
Tues. Mar. 10 Poetry & Natural Lang. Proc. Mary Dee Harris, Lang. Tech.
Wed., Apr 8 TBA
Tues., May 12 TBA

-- Heyward Ehrlich, NEACH President (ehrlich@andromeda.rutgers.edu) --
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Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1992 10:00 EST
From: "Zane Berge, Ph.D." <BERGE@GUVAX.BITNET>
Subject: IPCT-L@GUVM


The Interpersonal Computing and Technology List (IPCT-L) was
created February 1992 by the Center for Teaching and Technology (CTT)
at the Academic Computer Center, Georgetown University. A special
effort will be made to promote an international forum for
pedagogical issues important to higher education involving
teaching with technology, and especially with connectivity and

A goal is to create a forum for the discussion of computing and
other technology that can be used to promote learning. Topics for
discussion may involve teaching and training; collaboration;
partnerships among learners, faculty or teachers, and other
interested persons in the educational community; and research that
reflect these interests. The decade of the 1980s was characterized
by the _personal_ computer, and development of individual product-
ivity. The focus of the IPCT-L, as we move toward the 21st century,
is that _interpersonal_ computing and technology will tie persons
together throughout the world -- to share ideas and solve problems.

Besides creating a forum for the topics of interest noted above,
another interest of the CTT is to publish a scholarly, refereed
international journal. To that end, the IPCT-L will develop a
subscription list and act as a resource to develop the community
necessary to review articles and recommend editorial policies as
these publishing goals move forward.

To subscribe send the following in an interactive command (TELL or
SEND) or in the BODY of mail (NOT the Subject:) to LISTSERV@GUVM
on Bitnet or LISTSERV@GUVM.GEORGETOWN.EDU on Internet:

SUBSCRIBE IPCT-L yourfirstname yourlastname


Owner: Zane Berge <BERGE@GUVAX.BITNET> or