5.0705 Lists: AIA Archaeology List; ModBrits (2/85)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Wed, 19 Feb 1992 21:44:52 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0705. Wednesday, 19 Feb 1992.

(1) Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1992 10:25 EST (39 lines)
Subject: new archaeology list

(2) Date: Tue, 18 Feb 92 10:15:08 EST (46 lines)
From: Laura Davis-Clapper <LDAVIS1@Kentvm.Kent.edu>
Subject: New E-conference announcement: ModBrits

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Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1992 10:25 EST
Subject: new archaeology list

The Committee on Computer Applications and Electronic Data of the
Archaeological Institute of America is pleased to announce the
formation of a new moderated discussion list for archaeology. The
AIA LIST will be *open to all*, whether members of the Institute or
not, and it will be moderated. That is, the committee will organize,
distribute, index, and store the messages which are received.
Messages will not be edited, but messages which are inappropriate
for the forum will be returned to the senders.

The AIA LIST is intended to provide information to its members on
any and all archaeolgical questions, but its principal focus will be
on the application of technology to the work of field archaeologists.
Therefore, discussion of data base management programs, computer-
assisted drafting and design software, statistical packages,
computer hardware, and other matters relating to computer
technology for the particular needs of archaeologists will be
especially welcome. Messages will be indexed and archived for
future reference.

There will also be ftp access to information which the Committee on
Computer Applications and Electronic Data will collect. In
particular, the committee expects to collect reviews of software
and hardware, discussions of specific applications of software in
the field, and short discussions about the utility of specific
software for solving problems. The list will carry periodic notices
of the availability of these items.

To subscribe to the AIA LIST, send mail to:
with the single command,
To communicate with the owner of the list, send mail to:

February 18, 1992
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Date: Tue, 18 Feb 92 10:15:08 EST
From: Laura Davis-Clapper <LDAVIS1@Kentvm.Kent.edu>
Subject: New E-conference announcement: ModBrits


"Modern British and Irish Literature (1895-1955)"

ModBrits, is the international computer discussion group for scholars,
teachers, and students of Modern British and Irish literature (1895-1955) and
those who share their interests.

ModBrits offers a medium for announcements and bulletins, notes and
queries, scholarly papers. But ModBrits also offers spontaneous and informal
conversation on its subject(s).

Members can submit formal newsletters and announcements, calls for papers,
employment announcements, and notices of work in progress and of public events
for electronic distribution. They can also send short reviews of scholarly
books, remarks about videotape and film resources, abstracts of news reports,
and even draft articles for comment by other members. Reports from Britain and
Ireland about developments related to the subject matter of ModBrits are
welcome. Queries and notes about fine or grand points are expected to
generate some of the conversation on ModBrits.

Lengthier electronic texts such as conference papers, articles, or theses
submitted by ModBrits members may be made available for on-line retrieval on
an individual basis. Quite possibly, computerized (electronic) texts of works
by Conrad, Joyce, Lawrence, Woolf, and others will also be archived. Other
forms of electronic information may also become available, such as
concordances, sample journals, publishers' catalogues, and bibliographical
resources. An e-mail directory of ModBritians will be accessible to all
members, to facilitate the electronic distribution of seminar papers prior to
a conference (for example) and to encourage private correspondence and

E-mail inquiries about the discussion group should be sent directly to
ModBrits@KentVM.Kent.Edu. (The appended `.Kent.Edu' is necessary only for
those desiring access through INTERNET; BITNET users may omit this part of the
`address' or `domain'.) Failing that, contact Editing@KentVM (the e-mail
address of the Center for Conrad Studies, Institute for Bibliography &
Editing, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 44242, USA).