5.0589 SIGDOC '92 (1/146)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Tue, 14 Jan 1992 17:48:20 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0589. Tuesday, 14 Jan 1992.

Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1992 13:12:00 -0500
From: Sigdoc92 (S.) Sigdoc92 <SIGDOC92@BNR.CA>
Subject: SIGDOC'92 Call for Papers

Going Online:
The New World of Multimedia Documentation

The 10th Annual International Conference

October 13 to 16, 1992
The Westin Hotel, Ottawa, Canada

Sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery, Special
Interest Group on Documentation in cooperation with Northern
Telecom and Bell-Northern Research

Call for papers
While words will always be important to technical
documentation, increasingly they are recognized as only
the beginning. New options, in the form of online and
multimedia information, are redefining technical
documentation. Technical documents are no longer just
"read". By means of hypertext, animation, links to
databases, illustrations, and video sequences, documents are
"explored". Their "readers" learn from text, graphics,
video images, and sound and are guided by their own
interests, expertise, and need for information. Readers of
multimedia documents become, in effect, co-authors of
personally tailored documents that are experienced
differently by every reader.

Online capabilities are growing to meet our imaginative drive
to develop multimedia documents that make complex systems
accessible to users. But we must bring to bear on these new
forms our experience-- in document management, quality control,
and presentation techniques-- gained through working with
printed documentation. We must build on this knowledge and
modify it to successfully create the multi-media documents
that not only challenge our notions of information
presentation, but also of document form and use.

At our 10th annual conference, SIGDOC'92, we want to hear
your ideas, experiences, research results, and theories about
going online. We welcome proposals for conference sessions
or workshops on the following suggested topics or related

Suggested topics
The new documentation set
--striking the right balance between online and printed

Planning and design
--matching document types to multimedia technologies

Quality assurance
--methodology for online editing and usability testing
--defining and controlling quality in multi-source, multi-
media documents

Hardware platforms
--hardware requirements for multimedia documents
--backward compatibility

New applications
--database searching as an online document capability
--optimizing network resources

--automated testing and information building

The bottom line
--affordability of multimedia documents

Presentation Types
--30-minute presentation of a paper by one or more authors

--20- to 30-minute presentations of 2 to 3 related papers

Roundtable discussions
--discussion involving a moderator and a number of prepared
speakers and audience members

Pre-conference workshops
--half day or full day workshop

Presentation Proposals
Presentation proposals must include:
--a 500- to 1000-word description of the session topic,
outlining the thesis, main points and implications for the
field. Also, describe the methods used to develop your
thesis and conclusions.

--the name, title, organization, address and telephone number
of each participant in the presentation. Please indicate
which participant is the principal contact.

Please send your proposal to:

Roy MacLean, SIGDOC'92 Chairman
Bell-Northern Research, Stop 92
P.O. Box 3511, Station C
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA , K1Y 4H7
telephone: (613)763-2134
fax:(613) 763-2626

All proposals must be received by April 3, 1992. You will be
notified if your proposal is accepted by May 29, 1992. All
accepted papers (including those that comprise a panel
discussion) will be published in the conference proceedings
(copyright ACM). Camera-ready copy for the proceedings is
due August 28, 1992.

Pre-conference workshops
Full and half-day workshops will be run prior to the start of
the conference. Conference fees do not include the workshop
fees. More information on the workshops will be available in
a later conference brochure.

Hotel Accommodation
Join us at the Westin Hotel, located near restaurants,
museums, galleries, shopping, and all the sites of Canada's
capital city.

Special rates are available to SIGDOC'92 conference
participants who register by September 10, 1992. Single or
double accommodation is $140.00 (Cdn.) plus tax. To reserve
your accommodation, call 1-800-228-3000.

For more information contact:
Bell-Northern Research, Stop 92
P. O. Box 3511, Station C
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA , K1Y 4H7
telephone: (613)763-2134
fax:(613) 763-2626