5.0571 CETEDOC CDROM of Christian Latin Texts (1/88)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Tue, 7 Jan 1992 18:19:36 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0571. Tuesday, 7 Jan 1992.

Date: Tue, 07 Jan 92 10:55:16 +0100
From: "J. Schumacher" <THOMDOC@BUCLLN11.BITNET>
Subject: CETEDOC CD-Rom


The CETEDOC Library of Christian Latin Texts on CD-ROM(CLCLT)
Now available (since December 1991): CLCLT-1 CD-Rom

Contents: - The full text of the whole Corpus Patrum Latonorum i.e.
all the texts edited by the Corpus Christianorum, Series
Latina and Continuatio Medievalis;
- the exhaustive established corpora of several important
authors (Augustinus,Hieronymus,Gregorius Magnus,a.s.o.);
- an important number of texts and authors not published
or not yet published in the Corpus Christianorum
(e.g. the Etymologiae of Isidorus of Sevilla).

Statistics: - 21,6 million words;
- 211 authors;
- 945 texts.

Specification: One CD-Rom conforming to ISO9660 standard in storage box
with user manual. Software on CD-Rom.

Publication schedule: First CD-Rom: December 1991 (available).
Update: every two years

Price Schedule: a) First CD-Rom and a standing order for future updates:
- For subscribers to the Thesaurus Patrum Latinorum
on microfiche: 75.000 BEF
- For nonsubscribers: 94.000 BEF

b) First CD-Rom as a single publication without any obli-
gation for future updates:
- For subscribers to the Thesaurus Patrum Latinorum
on microfiche: 100.000 BEF
- For nonsubscribers: 125.000 BEF
If an institute wants to acquire more than one copy of
the CD-Rom, the further copies can be obtained at 50%
of the normal price.
Scholars can acquire through their institute their own
copy of the CD-Rom also at 50% of the normal price if the
institute is a registrated user.
Network licence: The CLCLT CD-Rom may be networked but the customer
should apply for a network licence. The supplementary
workstations will be charged at a lower price.

Hardware requirements:
- The minimum requirement is an IBM PC/AT/XT or 100% compatible
with a 640 KB memory (of which at least 512 KB free memory),
running MS DOS 3.0 or higher, either one 1,2 MB floppy disk
drive or two 360 KB flopppy drives. A hard disc however is re-
- A CD-Rom drive with controller card.
- MS DOS CD-Rom Extensions 2.0 or higher.
- MACINTOSH users need a PC Emulation program like SOFTPC 2.5
(part SOFTAT) from Insignia Solutions Ltd. in order to be able
to run the retrieval software on their machines.

CETEDOC: Centre de Traitement Electronique des Documents
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FAX: 32-2-725 42 62
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