5.0568 Anathotheus (2/37)

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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0568. Monday, 6 Jan 1992.

(1) Date: Sun, 05 Jan 92 14:06:07 IST (23 lines)
From: "David M. Schaps" <F21004@BARILVM>
Subject: Anathotheus

(2) Date: Fri, 03 Jan 92 10:44:39 CST (14 lines)
From: Oliver Phillips <PHILLIPS@UKANVM>
Subject: Anathotheus

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Date: Sun, 05 Jan 92 14:06:07 IST
From: "David M. Schaps" <F21004@BARILVM>
Subject: Re: 5.0561 Misc. Queries and Responses (5/88)

I am not sure that I would have caught "Anothotheus vates" who sang
"lugubria" as being Jeremiah, but I would surely have been annoyed at
myself if I hadn't. There is no doubt that that is correct. A _vates_
is a prophet, and a poet only by (usually poetic) extension; there was
no Greek or Roman poet named "Anothotheus" (the name would be impos-
sible in Latin and ridiculous in Greek); Jeremiah identifies himself
as being "one of the _Kohanim_ from Anathoth" at the very beginning
of his book. An epigrammist of a more biblically literate age could
have reasonably expected his readers -- readers literate in Latin,
after all, so not totally unschooled -- to catch the reference; and
of course, this recherche' method of referring to ancient figures was
very much beloved of the classicists (who took it from Vergil and
Horace, who took it from the Hellenistic poets).

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Date: Fri, 03 Jan 92 10:44:39 CST
From: Oliver Phillips <PHILLIPS@UKANVM>
Subject: Anathotheus

I doubt Germaine Warkentin needs to look further than Jeremiah for
for "Anathotheus . . . vates." And the word "lugubria" pretty much
clinches it. The reference is specifically to _The Lamentations
of Jeremiah."

Happy New Year

Oliver Phillips
Classics, U. of Kansas