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Subject: Hypertext 91

Requests for additional information should be sent to Professor John J.
Leggett, Dept of Computer Science Texas A&M Univ, College Station TX
77843. His email address is leggett@bush.tamu.edu.

Thanks, Paul Kahn


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Subject: Hypertext'91 Advance Program
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** **
** **
** H Y P E R T E X T '9 1 **
** **
** **
** 15 - 18 December 1991 **
** **
** San Antonio, Texas **
** **
** **
** **
** A D V A N C E P R O G R A M **
** **
** **


Welcome to San Antonio and the third ACM conference on
Hypertext! The conference and program committees have been
hard at work over the last year and a half to bring you this
outstanding conference. The technical program has been
expanded to allow more participation and interaction by all
attendees and La Fiesta de las Luminarias (Festival of
Lights) provides a magical atmosphere along the Paseo del
Rio (River walk) in San Antonio. We have arranged the
conference schedule to allow ample time for attendees to enjoy
this historic city on the banks of the San Antonio River.

Hypertext '91 provides a blend of traditional and innovative
programs. Papers and Panels will explore recent advances in
hypertext technologies. Courses allow leading practitioners
to share their knowledge with the hypertext community.
Posters provide attendees an opportunity to talk one-on-one
with researchers about recent results and on-going work, and
Demonstrations are a forum for first-hand experience with new
systems. The Hypertext '91 Video program will be a
compilation of refereed videos which will be shown
continuously throughout the conference. For 1991, this
traditional core is augmented by Technical Briefings which
will provide in-depth presentations on interesting hypertext

In addition to this outstanding technical program, the
Hypertext '91 conference will provide several social events
and a unique opportunity to experience beautiful San Antonio
in its holiday splendor.

Bienvenidos a San Antonio! Bienvenidos a Hypertext '91!

John J. Leggett
Conference Chair


Hypertext '91 is an international research conference on
hypertext. The ACM Hypertext Conference occurs in the United
States every second year in alternation with ECHT, the
European Conference on Hypertext.

Hypertext systems provide computer support for locating,
gathering, annotating and organizing information. Hypertext
systems are being designed for information collections of
diverse material in heterogeneous media, hence the alternate
name, hypermedia.

Hypertext is by nature multi-disciplinary, involving
researchers in many fields, including computer science,
cognitive science, rhetoric and education, as well as many
application domains. This conference will interest a broad
spectrum of professionals in these fields ranging from
theoreticians through behavioral researchers to systems
researchers and applications developers. The conference will
offer technical events in a variety of formats as well as
guest speakers and opportunities for informal special interest


Courses: Hypertext '91 courses are intended to enhance the
skills and broaden the perspective of their attendees. This
year, the conference offers a selection of intensive half-day
and full-day courses taught by a range of hypertext experts.
To help attendees select instruction that matches their level
of interest and expertise, courses are categorized in three
levels: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Papers: The Hypertext Conference is the preeminent
international forum for scholarly papers on hypertext,
hypermedia, and related technologies. Papers for Hypertext
'91 were selected from 117 submissions and represent an
intriguing array of reports on recent theoretical, empirical,
and system developments in the field. Papers are presented
concurrently with Panel sessions and Technical Briefings.

Panels: Panels provide an interactive forum for involving both
panelists and audience in lively discussions of issues in the
subject area of the panel. Panels for Hypertext '91 will not
take the traditional symposium form in which the speakers
present a short talk on their own research. Rather, Hypertext
'91 panels will address fundamental issues, methods,
questions, and approaches in all areas of hypertext research
and products in a round-table discussion format.

Technical Briefings: With Technical Briefings, Hypertext '91
introduces a new forum for presenting details about a concrete
design rather than empirical or theoretical results. A
Briefing consists of a 30-minute, in-depth presentation of the
interesting contributions made by the system, accompanied by
live interaction with the system. Technical Briefings will
allow designers to communicate valuable insights and
experience to other implementors and designers.

Posters: Hypertext '91 Poster presentations will enable
researchers to present late-breaking results, significant work
in progress, or work that is best communicated in
conversation. Poster sessions allow conference attendees to
exchange ideas one-on-one with authors, and let authors
discuss their work in detail with those attendees most deeply
interested in the same topic.

Demonstrations: The Demonstrations program at Hypertext '91
will provide attendees an opportunity for first-hand and
hands-on experience with hypertext systems and databases.
Here, conference attendees can interact directly with the
developers of systems that embody unique or interesting ideas.

Videos: The Hypertext '91 Video program will be a compilation
of refereed videos which will be shown continuously throughout
the conference. Videos will present demonstrations that would
be difficult to show live, illustrate concepts that are hard
to describe verbally, or present prototypes or work in
progress. In addition to refereed submissions, the Video
program will include a compendium of classic hypertext system

Plenary Sessions: Hypertext '91 will feature two plenary
sessions. The Opening Plenary Sunday evening will feature a
keynote address by Patricia Wright. Hypertext '91 will
conclude with a Closing Plenary featuring a keynote address by
Frank Halasz.

Social Events: To assure ample opportunity for informal
interchange with your hypertext friends and colleagues,
Hypertext '91 offers a schedule of evening relaxation and
entertainment along with the extra ingredients that only San
Antonio can provide. To begin, a Mexican Fiesta Dinner
(complete with strolling mariachis!) will precede Sunday
night's Opening Plenary. In addition, evening receptions are
scheduled Monday and Tuesday and informal (on your own)
"afterglows" occur each night of the conference. Lunches
and other dinners throughout Hypertext '91 will provide
attendees an opportunity to experience San Antonio's fine
restaurants and shops along El Paseo del Rio.


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