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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0427. Sunday, 3 Nov 1991.

Date: Fri, 01 Nov 91 09:48:01 CST
From: "Charles Bailey, University of Houston" <LIB3@UHUPVM1>
Subject: The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, Vol. 2, No. 2

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The Public-Access Computer Systems Review

Volume 2, Number 2 (1991) ISSN 1048-6542

Editor-In-Chief: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
University of Houston

Associate Editors: Columns: Leslie Pearse, OCLC
Communications: Dana Rooks, University of
Reviews: Mike Ridley, University of Waterloo

Editorial Board: Walt Crawford, Research Libraries Group
Nancy Evans, Library and Information
Technology Association
David R. McDonald, Tufts University
R. Bruce Miller, University of California,
San Diego
Paul Evan Peters, Coalition for Networked
Peter Stone, University of Sussex

Published on an irregular basis by the University Libraries,
University of Houston. Technical support is provided by the
Information Technology Division, University of Houston.
Circulation: 3,000 subscribers in 32 countries.

Editor's Address: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
University Libraries
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-2091
(713) 749-4241

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Symposium on the Role of Network-Based Electronic Resources in
Scholarly Communication and Research

Charles W. Bailey, Jr. and Dana Rooks, eds. (pp. 4-60)

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Ralph Alberico, William Britten, Craig Summerhill, and Erwin
Welsch answer five questions about network-based electronic

QUESTION 1: What role should librarians play in providing
intellectual access to network-based electronic resources?
Should librarians mount a collective, nationwide effort or
should they primarily focus their efforts on meeting local
user needs?

QUESTION 2: Considering the dynamic nature of the network
information environment, what are the most promising
technological strategies for facilitating access to network-
based electronic resources? Catalog records in national
bibliographic utilities and local online catalogs?
Specialized resource directory databases, which would be
available on the network? Microcomputer-based front-ends,
possibly utilizing hypermedia or expert system technologies?

QUESTION 3: What kind of support services should libraries
provide to their users to help them utilize network-based
electronic resources? Special workstations in the library?
Bibliographic instruction? User documentation? Mediated

QUESTION 4: Should libraries "collect," provide access to,
and preserve network-based electronic resources? If so,
what types of information (e.g., computer conference logs
and electronic serials) should be collected? How should
access to these locally housed electronic materials be
provided? What types of barriers do you see that will
hinder libraries in their attempts to accomplish this goal?

QUESTION 5: As one response to the deepening crisis in the
cost of library materials, colleges and universities could
become publishers of network-based electronic journals,
index and abstract databases, and scholarly electronic
books. Should they do this? If so, what role should
libraries play in this effort?

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Public-Access Provocations: An Informal Column
I Like It Like That
Walt Crawford (pp. 61-64)

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Walt Crawford examines the question of how online catalogs
can help users find more items "like that one."


You Say You Want an Evolution
Charles W. Bailey, Jr. (pp. 65-66)

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The Editor-in-Chief discusses changes in the distribution
format of the PACS Review.

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