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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0424. Sunday, 3 Nov 1991.

(1) Date: Thu, 31 Oct 91 12:12:48 -0500 (69 lines)
From: Steve.Cavrak@UVM.EDU
Subject: CSAC Call for Papers

(2) Date: 29 Oct 91 18:04:32 gmt (71 lines)
From: P.Burnhill@edinburgh.ac.uk
Subject: Social Science Information Service and Technology Conference

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Date: Thu, 31 Oct 91 12:12:48 -0500
From: Steve.Cavrak@UVM.EDU
Subject: CSAC Call for Papers

Computing Strategies Across the Curriculum
University of Vermont
April 3 and 4, 1992

Call for Proposals

Last April, The University of Vermont hosted its second annual
Computing Strategies Across the Curriculum conference exploring
strategies to enhance the collegiate curriculum through the
use of computers, networks, and media. This conference drew
over 350 participants from the Eastern United States and

This year's conference will coincide with the Calculated
Image, an art exhibit at the University of Vermont's Fleming
Museum featuring computer generated images produced by artists
as well as engineers. Therefore topics on art, imaging, and
design are welcome, as well as topics including networking,
hypermedia and courseware authoring, libraries and media
services, user support and training, integration of academic
and administrative systems, and research and teaching in all
academic areas.

The program committee is soliciting proposals for
presentations and workshops that fit into a
lecture/demonstration format. Introductory, advanced, and
innovative applications are encouraged. Presentations should
be about 40 minutes in length, with longer blocks possible for
workshops. The presentations will be held in small lecture
halls that seat 50 to 60 attendees. Both Macintosh and MS-DOS
systems with projection devices will be available to
lecturers. Smaller computing labs seating 10 to 20 people are
available for workshops using MS-DOS, Macintosh, or Silicon
Graphics equipment. Proposals requiring other systems (Apple
II, Amiga, etc.) are not discouraged, but in these cases on
site equipment cannot be guaranteed.

Presenters should submit proposals to the program committee
listed below by December 10th, 1991 for consideration.
Proposals should include a title, short abstract (50-75
words), and equipment needs. Notifications of acceptance and
instructions to authors will be provided by January 10, 1992.

Presenters with successful proposals will be expected to
provide a 4-5 page paper summarizing their session no later
than February 10, 1992 for inclusion in the conference
proceedings. Papers must be submitted in electronic form.
Presenters are also invited to include any relevant software
on floppy disks for distribution with the proceedings. All
presenters will be provided full conference registration;
travel and lodging are the responsibility of the presenter.
For more information, contact :

CSAC Program Committee
University Computing Services
238 Waterman Building
University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont 05405

Phone: 802-656-3316
Fax: 802-656-8429
Bitnet: csac@uvmvm
Internet: csac@uvmvm.uvm.edu
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Date: 29 Oct 91 18:04:32 gmt
From: P.Burnhill@edinburgh.ac.uk
Subject: Social Science Information Service and Technology Conference

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18th Annual Conference of the
International Association for Social Science
Information Service and Technology

Data, Networks, and Cooperation:
Linking Resources in a Distributed World

Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin, USA
May 26-29, 1992

IASSIST is a profesional association which brings together
individuals engaged in the acquisition, processing,
maintenance, distribution and service access of computer-readable
text and numeric social science data. Founded in 1974, the
membership includes data archivists, librarians, information
specialists, social scientists, researchers, planners, and
government agency administrators from around the world.

The conference theme expresses IASSIST members' profesional
concern to manage and share computer-readable data during a
time of increasing demand and decreasing budgets. The
theme highlights the need for institutional cooperation as well
as for careful planning to meet the future needs.

The annual conference features workshops, contributed papers,
roundtable discussions, and poster sessions reflecting international
viewpoints on these concerns. The Programme Committee is soliciting
proposals for presentation. Suggested topics include:

New cooperative data ventures through network technology
Coping with budgetary restraint
Management of data library collections
Government efforts to archive data collections
Producers of data
Development of data collections
Major comparative data sources
Data library hardware and software issues
Utilization of new technologies
Moving to UNIX
Text encoding
Copyright and computer files
Integrating data services with traditional library services
Developing data centers
Disaster management

Proposals for presentations should be accompanied by a brief
abstract (circa 200 words and typed in English) and sent to arrive
before December 15, 1991, by airmail or email to

the Programme Committee Chair: or the European Secretariat

Ilona Einowski Peter Burnhill
Data Archivist Data Library (Computing Services)
UC DATA University of Edinburgh
University of California, Berkeley Main Library Building
2538 Channing Way George Square
Berkeley, CA 94720 EDINBURGH EH8 9LJ
U.S.A. Scotland, UK

tel: (international + 01) 510 642 6571 (int + 44) 31 650 3301
email: CENSUS85@UCBCMSA.BITNET p.burnhill@edinburgh.ac.uk