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A frequently asked question by faculty and staff at the University
of Wisconsin-Madison and, based on messages on various listservers,
elsewhere as well, is which bibliographic formatting or text
management program is most appropriate for a specific task or how
they compare with each other. The increasing volume of information
from CD-ROM products and networking has seemed to accelerate the
number of questions being asked. After trying to answer this
frequently asked question and ending up by usually suggesting my
favorites, I made a proposal to Meckler for a book on the topic
which was accepted. It is scheduled to appear in fall, 1992.

The book's intent is to concentrate on some of the most discussed
and popular text management programs for both Macintosh and DOS
platforms. Each section, or chapter for more important programs,
will describe the features of specific formatting or bibliographic
program, discuss its use in a specific library or other text
management situation and include an appraisal of how the program
worked out in practice. The focus will be on applications and
practical experiences, rather than on a comparison of program

Contributors for askSam, Pro-Cite on a Macintosh (another on the
DOS version is still needed), WordCruncher, and a custom formatting
program have been identified and agreed to submit sections or
chapters. Additional contributions for others such as Inmagic,
Papyrus, Library Master, EndNote (both Macintosh and PC), IZE,
Notebook II, Nota Bene, or whichever program you think has worked
well, or poorly, in a specific situation to help manage information
are being sought.

If you think that you might be interested in contributing or
discussing the possibilities of contributing a section or chapter,
please contact me by EMail, SnailMail, or voice.

Please excuse multiple postings.

Erwin K. Welsch
Memorial Library
University of Wisconsin-Madison
728 State Street
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 262-9585