5.0353 Gutenberg Newsletter (1/230)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Wed, 2 Oct 1991 23:30:04 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0353. Wednesday, 2 Oct 1991.

Date: Sat, 28 Sep 91 20:08:59 CDT (245 lines)
From: "Michael S. Hart" <HART@vmd.cso.uiuc.edu>
Subject: Gutenberg Newsletter: September 30, 1991

The Project Gutenberg Newsletter__September 30, 1991__Our 21st Year

This month's release___The Song of Hiawatha___[hisong.txt or .zip].

Search for ** to indicate new or important issues.

If you log into the "mainout" directory on mrcnext, and it freezes,
please type "cd .." to move up to the etext directory. If you stay
in that directory it will take longer to reset the error.

The Federalist Papers have been updated with the first 40% and last
40% having been cleaned up and marginated (by a non-scholar, namely
myself, but they are all there, and 80% are easily readable. Still
needs margins worked out for the middle 20%.

A new copy of Peter Pan is on the way, but. . .
Our new edition of Peter Pan was deleted along with its entire dir,
with the advent of the new "incoming" login. Anyone who sent files
last month should check with me that I got them before they died.

Items of interest for late 1991 and early 1992:

Peter Pan has been withdrawn from distribution until we have solved
the question of copyright to our satisfaction. A Project Gutenberg
standard is that all works distributed should be well researched to
make sure we are not infringing on anyone's copyright. A copy of a
first edition is supposed to be on it's way from the Carolinas, and
we look forward to re-releasing Peter Pan very shortly. If this is
not the case, we have two etext copies of Paradise Lost, both which
should be okayed for release shortly, one of which would replace an
eliminated Peter Pan until another could be made to replace it. It
should only take a week from the time it is received, so you should
Peter Pan on our list again very quickly.**One of our Paradise Lost
editions has been okayed for distribution (based on the 1667). The
file should be out by end of the year, still searching for **Joseph
Raben** who was responsible for the other edition back in 1975. We
need information on which to base our copyright analysis.

A retrospective. . .releases from previous years (as our storage is
growing, thanks to the assistance of Kevin Gilmore and his approach
to building of our hardware. We should have additional storage for
previous works to be re-released, and eventually to post all future
Project Gutenberg releases without having to withdraw any releases,
well. . .for a few years, anyway; by that time we should be working
with totally new kinds of hardware, some of which may be donated.**
The new machine is up and running, but not perfectly. You can test
it by ftping to mrcnext as anonymous, cd etext, cd mainout, and GET
files from there. Eventually this will be ONLY directory to use so
please test this thoroughly.

And. . .just the opposite. . .a sneak peek into the future. . .as a
list of works in progress, completed works waiting only for a clear
copyright analysis to be released, and works to be on the schedules
for the next few years.**Mark Twain and Jules Verne. Proofreaders!


For those of you who want to send us etexts. . .please be advised--
you will soon need to login as "incoming" instead of "anonymous" to
leave files in our incoming directory; a password will be provided,
just let us know when you want to send something. For the month of
August, both incoming directories will be functioning. Volunteers,
for testing this new process will be appreciated.**This is now into
operation, please test this and advise.

Will those who have sent us files via FTP or on disk please send us
1. The title page, and 2. the verso of the title page and/or info
of any kind about the copyright and address of the publisher. This
is what we need to give our copyright advisors to post the texts as
Public Domain or Shareware files. Even if we have already posted a
copy of a text (Snark), when someone sent us another copy it didn't
have this information, so we can't post it (but we can use it as an
etext assist to proofreading, so if this information is not readily
available, send us the etexts anyway to mrcnext cd /incoming). Any
file posted there should be accompanied by a note to:

hart@vmd.cso.uiuc.edu (InterNet) or hart@uiucvmd (bitnet)

Again our thanks.

Here are the latest updates for FTP downloading of Project Gutenberg
etexts and others. These updates will be posted on several listserv
locations once a month. We hope we have answered most questions, as
new files, new locations, and new users arrive each month. We can't
answer queries about nameservers or how your local system runs FTP.

These files are also available in most disk formats.

Please do not access the mrcnext machine from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Central Standard Time (Daylight in summer) as this is peak usage,
& mrcnext is always the first machine to get the newest editions.

Current releases are Alice27a.txt, Lglass15.txt and Snark11.txt.
Others texts are also available at the various sites.
Just to a DIR in the mrcnext ETEXT or MAINOUT directories to see.

If you are interested in getting the electronic books,
it's easy if you have access to FTP. Just type
ftp mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu (or any of the other systems listed below)
(Your system may require this in lower case or quotes around the name.)
anonymous (This is the login username caps not necessary)
(Any password works fine )
cd etext
ls -a or dir (This will give you a directory listing, case sensitive)
get filename.filetype
(examples . . . )
get alice27a.txt
get lglass15.txt
get snark10.txt

You may have to get local instructions for linking to FTP,
and/or setting memory for FTP. These files also available
via disk on request in several formats.


The current FTP sites are:

mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu or ( cd /etext
(Please do NOT use the mrcnext between 10AM and 6PM weekdays)

Our newest FTP site is: (and therefore we are in need of testing and
of advice for our instruction set)

The Oregon State server. Please send us records of your sessions with
them, along with questions you need answered. We will compile sets of
instructions similar to those you see below for the other sites.

think.com (
cd /public
also try
quake.think.com (
cd pub
cd etext

(Our thanks to Thinking Machines Corporation)
(Located in Cambridge, MA near Boston)

simtel20.army.mil or ( pd:<books>
Note new numeric name ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Also known as WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL
(This computer has great archives and is used a lot, takes time) (Detailed
instructions below, but doesn't have the newest editions).

The MSDOS portions of simtel are echoed on:
Name: wuarchive.wustl.edu
(Please report your efforts on wuarchive, we need a guru for it) (wuarchive
also echoed on mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu in the mirrors dir.

deneva.sdd.trw.com or ( cd pub/etext and cd
pub/etext/compressed for compresses versions.
(Our thanks to TRW)

We also have a new site in New Zealand, for local acces only. Just ask me.

We appreciate your suggestions for corrections and emendations.



NOTE; Type B is Binary: Type A is ASCII

Directory PD1:<MSDOS.BOOKS>
Filename Type Length Date Description

LGLASS10.ZIP B 70039 901217 THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS by Lewis Carroll

SIMTEL20 allows standard ANONYMOUS ftp with password GUEST.

cd pd1:<msdos.books>
type tenex
get alice11.zip
get lglass11.zip

If your FTP does not have TENEX mode, use BINARY mode. If the files
are not readable after transferring in BINARY mode, try again with
these two commands to set the mode:

type binary

quote "TYPE L 8"

The double quotes are required.


Again our thanks to all who have supported Project Gutenberg, including
those who just say "Thanks, keep up the good work, to those who send us
errors (we love improving our texts). We would particularly send thank
yous to Apple (who granted us a MacIIci/5M, a 4M video card, a scanner,
a portrait monitor, and a few CD's; and to Quantum Leap for their GIGA-
ROM CD, MacAdemic CD, and CD7; Caere for giving us help with a software
situation beyond our control, to InfoBases (801)375-7371 for the Mormon
literature we will be posting (call them for Folio editions of all text
files of Mormon interest at very reasonable prices). Information about
any of these products available on request. If you know an institution
(public, private, academic or commercial) who might like to support any
of our work, please let us know, as we now have more demands on all our
time and energies than we can keep up with.

Thank you for your interest,

Michael S. Hart, Director, Project Gutenberg
INTERNET: hart@vmd.cso.uiuc.edu
BITNET: hart@uiucvmd.bitnet

The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect
the views of any person or institution. Neither Prof
Hart nor Project Gutenberg have any official contacts
with the University of Illinois, SIMTEL20 or TRW.

"NOTICE: Due to the shortage of ROBOTS and COMPUTERS
some of our workers are HUMAN and therefore will act
unpredictably when abused."