5.0283 Textual Criticism Working Group (1/62)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Tue, 20 Aug 1991 18:31:13 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0283. Tuesday, 20 Aug 1991.

Date: Tue, 20 Aug 91 16:01 BST
Subject: TEI Textual Criticism Working Group: help and comments invited

The Text Encoding Initiative Working Group on Textual Criticism

Call for Comments and Information; Invitation to Join an E-Mail Discussion

The TEI Working Group on Textual Criticism is responsible for the
preparation of the section relating to Textual Criticism to appear in the final
report of the Text Encoding Initiative, due for publication in June 1992. The
working group consists at the moment of Robin Cover (formerly of the
Dallas Theological Seminary), Bob Kraft (Pennsylvania), Peter Shillingsburg
(Mississippi) and myself, Peter Robinson (Oxford);I am the group chair.
Other members will be appointed to the group later.

The group will be reviewing the recommendations concerning encoding of
Critical Apparatus offered in Version 1.1 of the "The Guidelines for the
Encoding and Interchange of Machine-Readable Texts", published in
October 1990, reprinted Jun 1991 (Section 5.10, pages 108-22). These
recommendations have already been subject to some comment, from
members of the working group itself and others: more comment and more
discussion of these is now invited.

To facilitate this, on behalf of the working group I will moderate an
informal electronic discussion of the recommendations on Textual
Criticism in Version 1.1. Anyone may join this discussion by sending a
message to me at the address at the end of this document. If you have read
these recommendations please send your thoughts on them, for posting in
the discussion. Possible topics include: do the recommendations seem
comprehensive? what looks most useful? how could they be improved and
extended? how well do they fit in with the work you and your colleagues do
in textual criticism? Even if you do not feel you have anything to say now
but would like to join to hear what others say, and possibly say something
yourself later, please join the discussion.

If you have not got a copy of 1.1, one can be sent to you. Everyone who joins
the discussion will be sent a collection of all the comments made since
publication of 1.1 relating to these recommendations; comments on these
can also form part of the discussion. All members of the Working Group
will be taking part in the discussion, and the discussion should itself become
the base for the final report.

The working group is also interested in obtaining samples of machine-
readable encoding of textual apparatus. If you are working with such an
encoding, no matter how simple or complex, we would like to see a
specimen of it. Please send the sample and any explanatory matter you feel
appropriate to the address below. A digest of all the systems of encoding of
textual apparatus notified to the working group will be posted to the

Time is short: the working group will be meeting to draft the final
recommendations in late September/early October. Your contribution now
could make a real difference.

Peter Robinson, Chair of the TEI Working Group on Textual Criticism (TR2)
Phone Oxford (0865) 273200, fax 273275
The Computers and Manuscripts Project
Oxford University Computing Service
13 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 6NN, UK.