5.0228 LLC Issue on Medieval Studies & Computers (1/68)

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Mon, 15 Jul 1991 21:09:09 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0228. Monday, 15 Jul 1991.

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 91 16:27 BST
From: Susan Hockey <SUSAN@vax.oxford.ac.uk>
Subject: Medieval Studies issue of Literary and Linguistic Computing

The Computers and Medieval Studies special issue of Literary and Linguistic
Computing (Volume 6 Number 1) is now available. Edited by Marilyn Deegan
(Oxford University) with Andrew Armour (Keio University) and Mark Infusino
(UCLA), it includes papers from the twenty-fifth International Medieval
Congress held at Kalamazoo, Michigan in May 1990.


Marilyn Deegan, Computers and Medieval Studies: Points of Convergence

Mark Infusino, The Index of Medieval Medical Images (IMMI) Project and the
Origins of the Kalamazoo Session on 'The Use of Computer Databases to
Access Medieval Pictures and Diagrams'

Sarah Brown, Describing Stained Glass: The Corpus Vitrearum Archive in the
National Buildings Record

Brendan Cassidy, The Index of Christian Art: Present Situation and Prospects

Gerhard Jaritz, Medieval Image Databases: Aspects of Cooperation and

Kevin S Kiernan, Digital Image Processing and the Beowulf Manuscript

Leslie Zarker Morgan, Computational Analysis of Franco-Italian: St
Mark's French Manuscript 13

C M Sperberg-McQueen, Text in the Electronic Age: Textual Study and
Text Encoding, with Examples from Medieval Texts

Roger H Leech, The Computerized National Archaeological Record for
England - its Development and Future Potential for Medieval Studies

Patrick W Conner, The Beowulf Workstation: One Model of Computer-Assisted
Literary Pedagogy

Suzanne Sheldon Parnell and Lea T Olsen, The Index of Charms: Purpose,
Design, and Implementation

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