5.0203 Arachnet Reborn (1/75)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Sun, 30 Jun 91 22:19:15 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0203. Sunday, 30 Jun 1991.

Date: Thu, 27 Jun 91 04:03 EDT
From: Diane Kovacs <LIBRK329@ksuvxa.kent.edu>
Subject: List Rebirth: ARACHNET: Confederation of E-Conferences and E-Journals

ARACHNET was originally established by Willard McCarty as
a discussion list for listowners of Humanities and Social Sciences
related e-mail based conferences. Michael Strangelove and Diane Kovacs have
re-formed ARACHNET on the LISTSERV@UOTTAWA with an expanded focus:

A Loose Association of Electronic Discussion Groups and Electronic
Journals of Interest to Scholars.

There are more than 600 discussion groups, newsletters, digests and
electronic journals devoted to topics of scholarly interest.
As more scholars come on-line, the size of these groups, the
diversity of material they have to offer, and their total number
are all bound to increase. These groups could benefit from a
loose confederation that would allow them to share resources
easily without imposing any kind of restrictions on their manner
of operation. Arachnet is such a confederation.

Arachnet is a ListServ list, Arachnet@Uottawa.
All editors of discussion groups, newsletters, digests and electronic
journals are invited to be members. On its file-server,
Arachnet will contain a current list of its member groups,
descriptions of each group, and lists of files they hold. As well as the
current Directory of E-mail Based Conferences and Electronic Journals.
Arachnet's fileserver will also hold various information files
pertaining to the creation of e-serials.

The conversational component will be a means by which editors
of new groups can receive help from their colleagues on questions
of editorial policy and the social/ethical aspects of electronic
conferencing. Arachnet is not intended to replace
Lstown-L@INDYCMS which is a discussion list for listowners to
discuss technical aspects of Listserv based discussion group management.

Arachnet will be an unedited list but will accept postings only from Arachnet

If you are an editor or owner of an existing or future e-mail based forum,
you are cordially invited to join.

Please fill out the attached e-form and return it to
one of the Editors listed below. Please follow the format below as
closely as possible.

Please also circulate this note to whomever would be interested.

Michael Strangelove Diane Kovacs
Editor Contex-L Editor LIBRES,Libref-L,Govdoc-L
441495@Uottawa dkovacs@kentvm
441495@acadvm1.uottawa.CA dkovacs@kentvm.kent.edu

Please fill in and mail to the editor
(Please simply type over what is in parentheses)

*Lastname, Firstname <e-mail address>

*Address: (institutional and, if you wish, domestic, with
telephone numbers).

*Brief description of your ListServ and electronic discussion group
activities, including the name and purpose of all lists which you have
served in any editorial or organizational capacity. Also please note
familiarity with any other BBS software (excluding ListServ, a knowledge
of which is assumed here), regardless of the platform on which it runs.
(100-500 words).

*List of files/Resources available from your List's Fileserver or FTP site: