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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0188. Tuesday, 25 Jun 1991.

(1) Date: Tue, 25 Jun 91 14:10:59 DNT (46 lines)
From: Hans Joergen Marker <DDAHM@vm.uni-c.dk>
Subject: Preliminary Programme for AHC'91

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Date:(2) Tue, 25 Jun 91 14:10:59 DNT (387 lines)
From: Hans Joergen Marker <DDAHM@vm.uni-c.dk>
Subject: Preliminary Programme for AHC'91

Preliminary Programme for the AHC'91


The Association for History and Computing is an international
organisation which aims to promote and develop interest in the use of
computers in all types of historical study at every level, in both
teaching and research.

The 6th international conference of the AHC in 1991 will be held in
Odense, Denmark, with the Danish Data Archives as the organizing

The conference will be held at the congress center Hotel H.C.
Andersen, Claus Bergs Gade 7, DK-5000 Odense.

Hotel accommodation will be provided by Odense Kongress Bureau, and on
the registration form you will find the prices for single bedrooms in
three categories. It goes without saying that if you want a double
bedroom, this can be arranged by the bureau.

Odense lies on the island of Funen, which is known for its lovely
countryside and many castles and manor houses. On the second day of the
conference we have arranged a guided tour to start at 3 p.m. The trip
will take us across southern Funen and the island of Taasinge. On the
way we will pay a visit to Egeskov Castle, which was built on a complex
construction of rammed down oak piles and is rising directly from a
lake. It was built in 1550 by the Lord High Constable, Frands

If you want further information about the conference, please contact

Hans Jºrgen Marker
Danish Data Archives
Munkebjergv{nget 48
DK-5230 Odense M
Phone +45 66 15 79 20 Fax +45 66 15 83 20
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Registration and Informal Reception

18.00-20.00 Foyer F2, Hotel H.C.Andersen

Wednesday August 28th 1991


8.00- 9.30 Foyer F2, Hotel H.C.Andersen

Official opening of the Conference
10.00-10.15 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Peter Denley
Speakers:Per Nielsen, Danish Data Archives
Carl Th. Petersen, Odense University
Bob Morris, AHC
H.J.Marker, AHC'91

The Roots of History and Computing

10.15-10.45 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Peter Denley
Speaker: Professor H.Chr. Johansen, Odense University

Handling Resistance with Multimedia

11.00-12.00 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Gunner Lind
Papers: Creating Large Scale Databases in Museums and
Giving Public Access to Museum Information
(Tine Wanning)
Resistance to Occupation, Europe 1940-45
(Frank Colson and Wendy Hall)

Image Description and Retrieval

12.00-13.00 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Karsten Boye Rasmussen
Papers: Pictorial Information Systems Design and
Implementation (J. van den Berg)
What is in an Image? (Gerhard Jaritz)

Information on the Move

12.00-13.00 Pro Musica Room

Chair: Heinrich Best
Papers: Scanning and Optical Character Recognition of
Historical Sources (Rene van Horik)
From Data Structuring to Data Exchange: a
Simple Path (Oreste Signore)
Using LISTSERV-Lists in the Historical
Community (Helge Steenweg)

Population Studies

14.00-15.45 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Jan Oldervoll
Papers: Investigating Household Structure and
Composition: A New Approach (Kevin Schurer)
Analyzing the Data of the Total Population of
Young Male Swiss Citizens 1875-1913 (Ladislas
Computerized Genealogical Data in Genetic
Research from Northern Sweden (Stefan
The Census of $rhus 1845 (Torben Aastrup)
Twenty Years of Data Bases About Population of
Nice's Area (Alain Ruggiero)

Text Analysis

14.00-15.45 Pro Musica Room

Chair: Manfred Thaller
Papers: Did Xenophon Write the Eighth Book of
Thucidides' Histories? (Maurizio Lana and
Ernesto Amisano)
Algorithmic Analysis of Medieval Charters (Eric
International Standards for Bibliographic
Description: Are They Good Enough for
Historical Data? (Bridget Winstanley)
Describing a Text with SGML: The Limits of
Interpretation (Lou Burnard)
RUTH - a concordance based text encoding
program (@ystein Reigem)

Keeping Our Data At Hand

16.00-17.45 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Stefan Fogelvik
Papers: The Need for an International Infrastructure for
Historical Data Archiving (Hans Jºrgen Marker)
A Historical Data Base Administrator's
Dilemmas (Gunnar Thorvaldsen)
Standardizing Old and New Data Sets (Heiko D.
Tjalsma and E. Leenarts)
Electronically Generated Records and Research
in Twentieth Century History: Problems,
Techniques, Potentialities (Ron Zweig)
An Historical Data Centre for the UK? (Kevin

Reception at the Town Hall of Odense

18.30-19.30 Flakhaven 1, Odense

Thursday August 29th 1991

Projects and Resources

9.00-10.45 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Wilhelm Schr¾der
Papers: Le Dictionnaire historique de la Suisse et
l'informatique (Marco Jorio)
Ottoman Turkish Tax Registers (Susan Laflin,
Rachid Anane and Ramazan Acun)
A European Databank for Historical Climate
Data - The "EUROCLIM" Project (Hannes
Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN)
(Kees Mandemakers)
The "Paalgeld-Project"; Methods and Results
(George M. Welling)

Tools and Methods

9.00-10.45 Pro Musica Room

Chair: Daniel Greenstein
Papers: Inductive Methods in Prosopography (Orla
Fuzzy Reasoning (Johannes Gordesch)
Data Structures for Computer Prosopography
(Gunner Lind)
SOCRATES: Tools for Historical Database
Design (Leen Breure)
Context Sensitive Reasoning in Historical
Computing (Wolfgang Levermann)

The Common Ground

11.00-13.00 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Manfred Thaller
Papers: Workshop Volumes

Current Research in Scottish History

11.00-12.30 Pro Musica Room

Chair: Rick Trainor
Papers: Database Interpretation of Seventeenth Century
Scottish Land Registers (Lorna Hughes)
Database Analysis of the Comittee Structure of
the Scottish Covenating Movement (John R.
Autocad Applications in Search and Research in
Scottish History (Allan I. MacInnes)

The Next Frontier. Manuscripts in the

13.00-14.00 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Lou Burnard
Speaker: Manfred Thaller

The Magical History Tour

15.00-?? All over the Island

Chairs: Hopefully available in sufficient numbers
Papers: "When a man buys a ticket for the Magical
Mystery Tour - he knows what to expect".
(John Lennon)

Friday August 30th 1991

Data Bases

9.00-10.45 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Josef Smets
Papers: Notarial Deeds and Data Bases. A Program for
the Collection and Direct Elaboration of the
Data Provided by Modern Age Castilian Notarial
Deeds (Francisco Jos© Aranda PÛrez)
A Survey in the County of J€mtland (Hans
Strategies for Data Output: The Winchester
History Project (T.B. James)
The Data Base Project of the Memorial in
Auschwitz Concentration Camp (Jan Parcer)

Methods and Trends

9.00-10.45 Pro Musica Room

Chair: Hannes Sch~le
Papers: Object Oriented Simulation and History (A.M.
Research in the Historical Standardization of
Measure by Statistical Relational Database
Systems (C. Steckner)
Simulation Using Artificial Intelligence Strategies:
An Application with Probate Inventories (Nuno
Luis Madureira)
Learning Skills for Machine and Man - The
Insuperable Brain - A New Myth for the Artful
Computer (P.S. di Virgilio)

Intellectual Ownership of Data Bases

9.00-10.45 Group Room

Chair: Bob Morris
Papers: Workshop on Intellectual Ownership of Source
Databases Based on Following Proposals from
the French Working Group (Caroline Bourlet and
Jos© Dos Santos)

Software Solutions

11.00-12.45 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Peter Denley
Papers: Editing and Processing of Epigraphic Writings (P.
Francois and A. Hesnard)
Computer-Aided Production of Multilingual
Historical Reference Works (Reinhard H€rtel and
Peter Lauppert)
Occupational Classification in a Preindustrial
Town. Altona 1803 (Kersten Kr~ger and Andreas
The Use of Standard Software in Historical
Research: Which Features are Missing? (Jan
Historical Records Processing in the HiTeX
System (Jos© Nuno Oliveira and A.M. Silva)


11.00-12.00 Pro Musica Room

Chair: Gunnar Thorvaldsen
Papers: Modelling Kinship and Residence from State of
Soul Registers - Experiments with Advanced
Database and Presentation Systems (Janet Bagg)
On the Modelling of Peasants' Lease in Russia at
the End of the 19th - Beginning of the 20th
Centuries (Tatyana Moiseenko)


12.00-13.00 Pro Musica Room

Chair: Gunner Thorvaldsen
Papers: Political Careers and the Structure of Power in
an Early Renaissance City-State: An Event
History of the Careers of 700 Patrician Ragusan
Males (1440-1490) (David Rheubottom)
Crime Data and Computing in Fifteenth-Century
Cumberland, Westmorland and Northumberland
(Richard Rose)
The Prosopographical Analysis of Teachers in a
Spanish Province During the Eighteenth Century
(Jes£s Castro Cuenca)

AHC-Branch Meetings

13.00-14.00 Foyer F1 (Lunch meetings)


14.00-15.45 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Don Spaeth
Papers: "Do you have a life" - Role Playing in Primary
Schools (Maria B¾rjeson)
Portuguese Experiments on the Use of
Computers in History Teaching and Learning
Process (Maria da Conceicao Canavilhas)
Computing for Postgraduate Historians:
Aspirations and Realities (Virginia Davis, Peter
Denley, Charles Harvey, Humphrey Southall and
John Turner)
The Concept of Teaching Packages (Terje Marºy)
Nordic Reseachers Courses (Gunnilla Johansson)


14.00-15.45 Pro Musica Room

Chair: Kevin Schurer
Papers: Child Survival in Stockholm - an Example of
Event History Analysis (Eva M. Bernhardt)
Migration and Community Size in Early Medieval
Jutland - a Simulation Study (Jesper L. Boldsen)
Researching the Social History of a Working-
Class Community from Occupational,
Residential, and Demographic Data (Jos© E.
Household Formation in Chinese History: A
Simulation Study (Zhao Zhongwei)
Computerized Studies on Relations Between
Family-Cycle and Property in a Longitudinal
Perspective (Christer Persson)

Closing Lecture

16.00-16.30 Carl Nielsen Hall

Chair: Hans Jºrgen Marker
Speaker: Sven Sperlings

AHC Business Meeting

16.30-18.00 Carl Nielsen Hall


Please return the registration form with a cheque to:
(Phone +45 66 12 75 30, Fax +45 66 12 75 86)

Surname: _____________________________ First name(s): _________
Department: _____________________________
Mailing address: ______________________________________________________
Town: Country: _______________
Phone No.: _____________________________ Telefax No.: ___________

Hotel reservation wanted: _ yes
Hotels Date of arrival
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CAT. A Single room DKK 715-780 Ù
CAT. B Single room DKK 595-695 Ù
CAT. C Single room DKK 290-375 Ù

All rooms are with private bath. The prices are subject to
alterations and include breakfast, taxes and services. Please settle
your account directly with the hotel at departure.
Hotel reservations will be made in the order received. Reservations
cannot be guaranteed.

Conference fee (includes lunch and coffee)
DKK 900

Guided tour to Egeskov Castle, August 29, dinner at Hotel Troense
on the Island of Taasinge (to be paid with the conference fee)
DKK 300

Please mark with an X if you want to participate in the tour _

Total: (Please note: No refunds of registration fees after July 27)


PAYMENT: In DKK by cheque, drawn on a Danish bank or eurocheque,
payable to:
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