5.0169 Call for Software for 1/92 LSA Meeting (1/117)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Thu, 20 Jun 91 17:00:47 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0169. Thursday, 20 Jun 1991.

Date: Fri, 21 Jun 1991 0:16:14 GMT+0800
From: A_ARISTAR@FENNEL.CC.UWA.OZ.AU (Anthony Aristar)
Subject: Call for Software at Annual Meeting of LSA
Forwarded From: Linguist List Vol-2-307. Wednesday, 19 June 1991.

Date: Mon, 17 Jun 91 12:20:44 EDT
From: John_M._Lawler@ub.cc.umich.edu
Subject: LSA: Call for Software at Annual Meeting


The LSA Committee on Information and Communication Technology
(i.e, the Computer Committee) is aiming to sponsor a Software
Exhibit at the LSA annual meeting in Philadelphia, Jan. 1992.

Therefore, we need software to exhibit. And help in staging
the exhibit. The size and structure of the exhibit depend on
the response to this call, so we can't provide details right
now, but we tentatively plan on a schedule of individual dem-
onstrations lasting a half hour each. If time and the amount
of software permits, we would like to allow each participant
who is willing to give their demonstration twice (once each
day), in order to allow our colleagues to plan their meeting
schedule as flexibly as possible.

Our intention is to make this a professional event, suitable
for the usual institutional support for participant's travel.
To this end, we will try to get the schedule printed and dis-
tributed in advance of the meeting, so participants will have
something in hand to show their institutions. Software dev-
elopment has not been a traditional scholarly activity, but
if there is to be software for linguists to use, it will have
to be linguists that develop it. Preliminary reports of the
LSA membership survey indicate that there are plenty of ling-
uists who have been doing just that; it's time for us to stop
reinventing the wheel, to get together and see just what al-
ready exists.

All software should meet the following criteria:

1) Only software developed by or for linguists should
be submitted to this exhibit. We are attempting to
represent software linguists should know about and
would have trouble finding out about without this.

While not intending to discourage commercial exhib-
itors, we are targeting user-developed programs in
this event. I.e, the model is more like a poster
session than a book exhibit. This means that more
general-purpose programs, like wordprocessors, are
inappropriate, unless they have been specifically
designed with linguistic (and NOT merely polyglot)
uses in mind.

Add-ons to general software, like fonts, wordpro-
cessor style sheets, example numbering programs,
spreadsheet templates, and so on, ARE appropriate;
however, the submitter must take responsibility
for providing whatever software is necessary for
demonstrating them.

Commercial software developers with programs they
wish to demonstrate at LSA are urged to contact
the Committee. Ideally, we'd like to have a good
commercial exhibit along the lines of the Book Ex-
hibit, but that will have to wait.

2) For practical purposes, we are limited to DOS and
Macintosh software this year. Any non-standard
hardware needs are the responsibility of the sub-
mitter. Next year we hope to do better.

3) Software must be submitted for review. Submitters
may suggest reviewers. Reviews will be displayed
along with the software at the exhibit and will be
available at the copy service. Submission is not
a guarantee of acceptance, though the first time a
new event is organized, it is reasonable to expect
that most software submitted will be accepted, un-
less we see an unanticipated flood of submissions.

4) Prototypically, the software author (or copyright
holder) should be the submitter. However, anyone
willing to perform a demonstration of the software
at LSA may submit it for review. In the event of
multiple submissions of the same software, the au-
thor or copyright holder has precedence unless the
software is commercial. The Committee may request
a joint demonstration by all parties.

The submitter is responsible for providing a copy
of the software and documentation to the reviewer
in a timely manner.

"Commercial Software" is defined for the purpose of
of this exhibit as any program for which payment
is requested, beyond media charges. This includes

5) Like the privilege of presenting papers at the an-
nual meeting, the privilege of exhibiting software
is reserved for LSA members. Therefore, at least
one of: the author of the software, OR
its copyright holder, OR
its submitter MUST be a member of the LSA.

... materials deleted -- eds.


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